WARP concerns

I received my WARP 2 weeks ago, even though we had the same rdv my husband still hasn’t received his. Is this normal?

The organisation that makes the cards (subcontractor) is infamous for having episodic logjams.

I wouldn’t worry too much, if you both went to the prefecture and had your fingerprints taken it’s in the bag and on its way. Strange that it didn’t arrive at the same time but French bureaucracy is full of things that seem illogical

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Hi Sheila

My wife received her card on 27th May.

I am still waiting for mine. Her maiden name begins with C my surname begins with W.

I am told it is in production.

Sitting her, fingers crossed. We are in 50


Given that 50 seemed to process things in surname order for the 10 year cards, it could be possible the card printing people are doing the same, but there does seem do be massive variances in the card production turnround. (Fingers crossed that at some point, I might even get an interview :cry: - been over 6 months since the application now…)

They seem to print in batches so if yours made it through one batch and his was in the next batch then that would explain it as they wait until they have a certain number before running the next batch!

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