Was goldman Sachs engineering crisis of 2008

From an article in the NY times about Tyrreltown. Dublin being owned by Wall street.
This estate was created in the boom times when Ireland joined the EU. Following 2008 the loans could not be repaid and the distressed properties were sold to Goldman Sachs and other Wall street giants at a fraction of the price. Now to realise profits they evict tenants . Same thing happened in Barcelona.
I know they have been fined by the US department for their role in the meltdown and with other wall street firms.
Remember RBS forcing profitable businesses to close in order to seize valuable assets. So there is a morally disputable ethos or crime if you like in these financial juggernauts.

Instead of fining and pocketing the money the US should have indemnified the victims of the crisis.

Your thoughts about engineering bankruptcies for the sake of raking in the profits.

They had to get the money for their bonuses from somewhere, what better than to fxxk over the general populace.
Put them all up against a wall blindfolded…

i just sent an email to William Cohan who published a book about GS. I see what he says.
Also different accountants criticised their bookkeeping. It’s not only GS it’s Wall street plus international finance getting together. How do you explain the french banks copycatting the American securitization without scruples. The states were incompetent to regulate. See the FSA fiasco. All these banksters far from being shot were bailed out with our money.
Not only millions lost their homes but also we paid to ensure their survival so that it can happen again and again.
Why the french government did not issue fines like the Americans?
Now we have to endure poverty and cut in social care in France.All the social services closing.I want to vote for a different elite in France. Outsiders. The elites and the banksters stabbed people in the back