Was it the Mango or the St Tropez?

So this week Izzy came out in hives. All over her little body. Of course I had no idea what it was & fearing something nasty & contageous I rushed her off to the GP. It's an allergy.

Now what she is allergic to I have no idea. The only food I tried to introduce the day before was lychee however she threw it across the table so I don't think that constitutes sufficient contact to get hives for 4 days. So I wondered what it could be, Nando's chicken - unlikely. Mmm what about the Mango? She ate practially a whole packet of dried mango (my dieting trick is to eat dried fruit instead of cake) - Izzy pinched a whole packet this week as those Mr Tickle arms can now reach onto the kitchen worktop to my diet supplies.

Then I gave them fresh mango for dessert - was it a mango overload?

The Doctor and everyone else went through the usual list:

Did you change laundry products? - nope I use the EcoEgg - no powder (incidentally she could have eaten one of the bicarbonate of soda pellets which fell on the floor when I topped up my Egg this week - much guilt issued by otherhalf until GP said the worst this would do would have been to flush her out)

Did she eat seafood? Yes in fact she does almost every day - squid, prawns, scallops so nothing unusual there

Fruit - what about berries? Yes she eats raspberries, blueberries and strawberries nearly every day - one of the perks of being in the UK - cheap fresh organic berries.

So what did that leave? Well besides the Mango - I'd been using St Tropez everyday moisturiser as last time I went home to France everyone said I looked ill being so white and pale - so I decided to give myself a hint of golden glow...could she be allergic to that? Oh no - it's me she's allergic to!

But No - after a few nasty looking nappies & 3 days of anti-histamine she's ok, the hives have gone & so I'm off to St Tropez some more. Afterall when the weather is as grey and miserable looking as it is in London at the moment we all need a little sunshine to pick us up.

Anyway off home tomorrow for some sunshine - except it's predicted to rain, so no one will see my bronzed legs afterall!

Oh dear. Poor Izzy. My daughter gets lip bleeds if she eats kiwi fruit. We have to be talky careful to tell people as although out turned out to be totally harmless and she didn’t even feel anything it’s quite frightening when they suddenly start gushing blood like that!!! Hope you find out what caused it very soon

Hi Suzanne, not a great Pasta lover myself, although the 'fresh' flat stuff you can get is lovely...you are what you eat, they say..that makes me a 'Schnitzel, side salad, sauté potato, Caramel ice cream chaser' ...

hey ho!

HTG starving now!!

she loves vegetables, it's bread, potatoes etc she's not fussed about. Although she did eat homemade pasta this week with gusto so perhaps that's the best way!

Hi Suzanne, I'm no dietician but I understand the 'slow' burning of calories from carbs is beneficial as distinct from the 'quick hit' from refined sugars. Our problem with our youngest ( 10 ) is that she hates vegetables...so we have to hide them in soups and wherever else we can.

lol ;)

@ Marianne - appears not - says no added preservatives or additives.

Hi Ron - yes she's meat & fruit eater, doesn't bother much with carbs!

Where there any preservatives in the dried mango perhaps that could have caused this reaction?

Woh, Poor Izzie.... perhaps not for me to say Suzanne, but too much Mango, not enough Bran?