Washing Machine Wanted

Looking for a secondhand good quality washing machine

with extra large drum if possible.

We need a washing machine but don’t know how to use this site please help me .We have house n Les Salle Lavauguyan.Thank rosieaperkins@gmail.com

Hello Rosie
There is a large store in Limoges that usually has some good offers as they ‘bulk buy’. I have put the web site here so that you can have a look and see what they have … They are easy to find.

Such requests need more details viz.,
requirements etc

Hello Jamie and welcome to the forum.

Have you got a washing machine for sale ???

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Tha k ou very much , Ann that’s verRosie.

I can’t see the type on this little tablet so spelling is rather hit and miss!

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There is also a Boulanger at Limoges Family Village but whenever I have popped in their prices are a bit higher.
Try Intermarché near to you, some larger stores stock washing machines, fridges etc; as do some Super U’s…


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Rueducommerce.com has that sort of thing.

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Rosie… we found what we liked on-line and talked to our local shop… he did some checking and matched the on-line price… worked well for us.

New machines are so cheap (and more efficient) these days, it’s not really worth looking for a second hand one(IMHO)


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