Watch out...there is an RSI and and RSI


My husband is a “travailleur independant” and thus affiliated with the RSI (Regime Social des Independants) rather than the URSSAF.

Today we got a bulletin d’adhesion for €1259 from the RSI…the Repertoire des Societes et des Independants. The paper itself looks fairly official but the RSI logo is different and the Paris address.



I called the RSI and they have asked me to send it to them. Unfortunately, there are many people who have been caught out.

Best wishes to all.


thanks for sharing this. I find it ironic that fraudsters are using the RSI to cheat people, as the RSI itself is one of the most complicated, instable, confused officialorganisations I have ever had the misfortune to have to be associated with. They constantly write letters from more than one source with conflicting demands, major errors, such as not acknowledging “radiation” or change of address.
I beleive its this kind of poor admin that allows for frauds like these to be so convicing to some people.

I had the same letter a few weeks ago. Their RSI stand standing for the wrong phrase gave it away, so if you get one, just compare it to a letter you KNOW is genuine, and if it looks legit, call the RSI anyway!

Thank you!

I received one asking for 299€ a few months ago- coincidently, literally ten minutes after opening it I got an email warning about these scams from Valerie’s site I am amazed they are still allowed to operate…

Thanks for the heads up!

There are many companies that provide an internet listing if you sign up and pay their “invoice”. I received about 4 so far. They all seem to send an invoice, to be paid within 8 days, in a fairly official looking format. They all chose names that are similar to French government services. BUT… they all must indicate by law in the fine print that they are private companies and should not be mixed up with a government agency.

Always read the fine print…