Watch out! they are coming, those electric cars

More and more holidaymakers are looking for ways to charge their electric cars (EVs) in France. Rather than charging along the motorway where charging stations often do not work or are unavailable, they would prefer charging at their destination where they can charge overnight. If you own hotel, a campsite, gîtes, chambre d’hôte or rental house, this is important information for you.

NBSO (Netherlands Business Support Office) together with Emobility Consulting and Dutch forum in France are going to organise a webinar on the installation of charging stations, local energy generation and energy storage. This webinar is non-binding and free of charge. A first session will take place on 8 December 2022 at 10h00. After that, more webinars will follow early next year. An invitation to these will be published in this forum; Survive France, or you can register in the survey below.

Want to know more? So do we!

We know a lot about opportunities to become EV friendly. Financial terms and government subsidies in France are attractive. We also know that an increasing number of visitors with an EV will visit France in the coming years. We are well informed about the technical possibilities.
What we want to know more about is the wishes of the hospitality entrepreneur are and how we can best respond to them.

So join us. Please fill in the survey below, it won’t cost you more than 5 minutes or so!

The findings of the survey will be made available on this forum When you complete the survey, you can indicate whether we can invite you to the webinar and/or whether we can send you the survey results.

We are grateful for the opportunity of sharing this invitation on Survive France.

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Anton Noë

How many times has this happened to you Anton? It’s never happened to me in France or Italy, Spain is another matter, so I think “often” is over-egging the cake somewhat.

Nevertheless, the more hotels, gites, B&Bs that install chargers the better. I’ve been pleasantly surprised at just how many hotels have already. Some don’t even charge a fee to hook up.

There’s a YouTube channel that I watch (Marc Travels) by a German guy who is travelling to New Zealand on an electric motorcycle - I was expecting him to have big problems finding places to charge the bike but he’s managed remarkably well - he’s now in India I think having gone all through Europe, through Turkey and across Iran - I think the biggest issue he faced was getting his payment cards accepted by the various networks.

Of course some of the charging stations were not working, but I was surprised by how there always seemed to be another charger nearby. He tends to top the bike up overnight using a domestic power outlet of course, but generally charging points seem to be springing up like mushrooms everywhere.

Back in France, SANEF among others have been promoting their plethora of charging points at autoroute aires.


Yes, the payment system does need sorting out. I generally use Ionity and there have loads of high speed chargers on autoroutes. I’ve seen 205 kW on occasion.

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