Watch out!

your toys?

Phew! glad I anticipated!

I suppose 20 years ago to have the same 'facilities' as a smart phone you would have needed a PC in a rucksack...

Used to aggravate me when people would look at their watches when you were talking to them... nowadays they're texting.... that requires a slap too!

some of it's a bit Mickey Mouse ( snigger )
I used to have one on Dan's 'intercom' things.... bet that's worth a few bob.

Hint #1 Do not throw kid's toys away... ever

Oh thank heavens - I thought it was a warning about low flying alien shuttle craft landing in the Limousin to see if any new species of mushroom were growing. Phew.

I wear a good old cheapie wrist watch (which the battery will probably fail on very soon). I can't cope without something that shows me the time and date (sometimes even the day - I'm extraordinarily forgetful and these Wednesdays off school throw me so sometimes I think it's Sunday again). My Blackberry would have all this information but sometimes I forget to take it out with me because nobody calls me, it might be charging and I'm lucky to get a signal half the time. It's okay for taking snapshots but what a waste of a phone.

Just check out some of this superb Dan Dare merchandise

Don't start!

Note for Valerie.

No it's not some sort of Gale warning, or threat of some sort of cat flu pandemic...I do know that you can be a tad ünbersensitive when it comes to the emotive 'Red Top Press emotive attention grabber headline'.

It's just a ploy us media folk use to get a point over. The post is merely an observation as to how advances in technology and differing trends affect our daily lives.

KInd regards

Your old mucker

Ron Birks