Watch Repairs

(Byron Reid) #1


Can anyone help with getting a new battery for my Tissot. Is there a similar type store to Timpsons in the UK operating in France or does one need to go to your local jeweller?

Any suggestions would be appreciated



(Haydn E Ebbs) #2

Bought my watch battery in Intermarche, no problem.

(Byron Reid) #3

That's what I wanted to avoid paying €50. You can buy the batteries from Amazon for £1 each, a pack of 10 is £5. It is having the tool to open the back. I bought a life long battery from Timpson about 5 years ago & still have the paperwork so unless as Andrew says I can find someone to do it for a reasonable price, when I go back to the UK in Sept, I will get Timpson to repair the watch at no cost.

(Andrew Hearne) #4

50€!!! :-O

I charge 5,90€...!

(Ian McLean) #5

Our local Intermarche has a battery replacement service. I’m sure other reasonable sized supermarkets have similar

(Byron Reid) #6

Thanks Andrew, I will give it a whirl

(Andrew Hearne) #7

Pop into your local bureau de tabac - I change watch batteries daily (in my tabac) and we're cheaper than the jeweller's