Watch Repairs


Can anyone help with getting a new battery for my Tissot. Is there a similar type store to Timpsons in the UK operating in France or does one need to go to your local jeweller?

Any suggestions would be appreciated



Bought my watch battery in Intermarche, no problem.

That's what I wanted to avoid paying €50. You can buy the batteries from Amazon for £1 each, a pack of 10 is £5. It is having the tool to open the back. I bought a life long battery from Timpson about 5 years ago & still have the paperwork so unless as Andrew says I can find someone to do it for a reasonable price, when I go back to the UK in Sept, I will get Timpson to repair the watch at no cost.

50€!!! :-O

I charge 5,90€...!

Our local Intermarche has a battery replacement service. I’m sure other reasonable sized supermarkets have similar

Thanks Andrew, I will give it a whirl

Pop into your local bureau de tabac - I change watch batteries daily (in my tabac) and we're cheaper than the jeweller's