Water Emergency (Drought)

I live in one of the 74 departments that are on water restrictions. My area has just been declared a crisis area meaning that there is now a ban on all non-emergency use of water.
Take a look at this map to see how you are affected, and do have a look at your Town Hall for local information. If we all ‘do our bit’ with using water sensibly then it’s for everyone’s good.


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Forgot to say that the fine for ‘breaking’ the restrictions can be up to 1500 euros ! That’s a very good incentive for being sensible …

Gosh Anne thank you for the link I’m in 34 so we are safe at the moment. What is non emergency?

We have no water at present as there is a problem with drains in my area.
So we are saving water.

Hello Susan

Horrible for you with no water, been there,done that ! It’s only when things like water, electricity, 'phones etc; go down that we realise how much we take them for granted …Hope you soon get your supply back.

Only priority uses are authorized (health, civil security, drinking water and sanitation) in my area, many agricultral uses have also been banned. So I guess ANYTHING that doesn’t fall in those catergories is a no go !

At least I have an excuse not to clean the windows :wink:

Yes hello Anne, water all back on, just waiting for landlord to fix the blocked sink and i will be tip top.

Well i am so glad when you said sanitation, phew.
A lot of people use dishwashers now a days and it is usually a good 30 mins or less to wash it all up, where as ringing it, loading the machine, then unloading it seems to be hard work to me.

Not very good for the environment either with electric no water used and the washing products are quite expensive too. I digress.

Have a good day

Hello Manon

I too have never felt the need for a dishwasher . I know of someone who lives alone and has one, stacks all his dirty dishes in it every day and then has a full wash once a week (YUK) . Even when I have had a lot of people around to eat I find it’s no trouble to wash, dry and stack everything away straight afterwards. Can’t bear the idea of having to rinse, load put in special products, use all that water and electricity and then have to unload it all! Once used one that was in a holiday home, never again !
As you say not very environmently friendly either .

Hey ho, maybe that huge deluge we had the other night, along with a most terrible storm that lasted 8 hours, might bring the water table up a bit :wink:

Enjoy the sunshine …

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I was always under the impression that dishwashers are more economical (in terms of water usage) than hand washing - about 14 litres/full load. Couldn’t be without one these days.

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And a damn sight more comfortable for one’s back than standing at a sink :wink:

Au contraire Alex, you have to stand at the sink to rinse the plates etc; then bend double or crouch down to load everything into it’s right slots. Then you have to wait for the machine to finish its noisy work, bend double or crouch down to unload the damn thing… Much harder on the back and knees of those of us over 50 + :wink:

It takes less than a minute to unload the lower tray, then stuff can be put away at leisure or whatever. We replaced ours last year, new one wasn’t expensive (under 300€) and you wouldn’t know it was on if you are more that 2 metres away. For this over 50, much, much easier and economical.

I have had a dishwasher for many, many years… OH was intent on spending his Christmas Bonus on yet another TV … (how many does one family need)…but I persuaded him to buy me a present instead…:stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

I/we scrape-off any large leftovers before loading… but that is all…the smaller stuff gets washed away during the cycle… some will be trapped in the basket specially provided. I tend to use the medium cycle… hot and short… and everything comes out pristine. Uses less water than washing-up in the sink…and no need to fire-up the hot water boiler…

Recent News suggests that the sponges, dishcloths etc used for doing washing-up… are a favourite breeding ground for bacteria… so… whoopee… my dishwasher is definitely better and healthier… :blush:

About half the things that I use for cooking and eating are not dishwasher proof so on a daily basis I wash up by hand. If I have a couple or more of visitors the dishwasher does get used.

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There’s really no need for any of this nonsense. Doesn’t anyone employ Staff these days?..



I like the idea of Staff… but cheaper to run our “appliance of science” dishwasher (bought in 1981) … no paid holidays, no sick pay, no pay whatsoever… and it never grumbles :wink:

I am the staff,… no paid holidays, no sick pay, no pay whatsoever… just call me Zanussi…

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