Water heater

This may sound dumb - boilers I’ve avoided for my entire life.

However - for various reasons I’d like to fit an electric water heater - standard chauff eau. But leave the oil boiler to do central heating for the moment.

Can I just drain and “disconnect” the water (ie just tap straight out of the old cold in / hot out). I know I need to leave the filling loop for heating - but do I have to do anything else with the boiler?

I’m sort of assuming it must be fine as it didn’t blow up when water was drained for a week during winter.

A slight lack of tech information means only a sketchy answer. How is the system plumbed at the moment, is it one heating exchanger and a valve or two directing the flow to HW or CH? In theory just closing off, without creating a dead leg the hot water run should be ok but really, more detail is required