Waterproofing an old pool

Hi, We have a reinforced concrete pool,tiled in mosaic, and constructed 15 years ago. It has begun to lose water at a rate faster than evaporation, and not due to the pipework. (It will descend past the skimmers and ports, and the drain level is the same as the pool level). I am not keen on painting over the tiles (even if that was possible), but rather am looking to take the tiles and glue off, and applying some permanent attractive finish. Someone on this forum once mentioned some new butyl (?) or rubber based coating. Does this come as a attractive finish?

Hi Peter,

I suppose it depends on what your local contractors are used to using in Europe BASF are popular.


Polyurea coating demo, https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pVtgmm0cnoI

I have somewhere the contact info for a British co but google will bring up several, via the pool companies it's bound to be more expensive It's tough stuff!

Aquabright is the other plastic coat, I know of this as they tried to interest me in it. They have some guys in France and the UK too. http://www.ecopoolfinish.com/aquabright/

Hi, John,

Thanks for the prompt reply. I understand about the need to change.skimmers etc if we go for a liner

If we go for a re-tile, is there a modern waterproofer additive for the cement render?. I sort of remember reading one of your posts which touched on this. Thanks

Hello Peter.

There are several options open to you, although finding the source of the leak should be somewhere on the to do list just to verify your not going to have expensive issues in the future.

You could go for a liner, some of your concrete fitting may need replacing (returns, skimmer etc ) to accept a liner. There are tough liners like armored, weld on site varieties. or bag liners made in the factory.

Coatings wise there is a poly urea, spray applied finish which produces a tough but flexible liner type finish and various colours are available. Another finish, again sprayed on it a plastic type coating I know of one company who are at least for a while seeing how this works out as they have it on their floors (what it was designed for) but last time I spoke they wouldn't commit to a customers pool for fear of an issue so were waiting top see how others got on.

I have the information on file and will look it out later as I have "stuff" to do today.

There are companies who will glass fibre the pools also but on one pool I have seen this after a few years and it has faded and aged so now requires something like an epoxy paint coat to brighten up the look.