We are looking for a business to rent - what have you got?

I hope this post is OK?

Hello everyone,

My wife and I are looking for a business to rent (gite or gite complex with private accommodation in or around the Dordogne region of France.

we have lots of experience in pub and B&B trade in the UKwith good event planning and social media skills to push any business forward.

If anyone can help please email myself at chrisv.stewart@gmail.com, i look forward to hearing from you.

Kind regards
Chris and Michelle

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Ooooowwwww - sounds like an administrative nightmare - even if it’s possible…

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I think you’ve hit the nail on the head, Simon. I didn’t want to be a kill joy but I’ve never heard of renting a business here and can’t really see how it could/would work. Any business owner would either sell the fond de commerce or put in a gérant (manager) and that seems to be rare too. Accepted, my experience is not in gîtes/chambres d’hôte but I just can’t quite see how it’d be possible :frowning:

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Last year I stayed in a Chambres d’Hotes near to Guedelon that was run by a Dutch couple. It was in a lovely C19th Manor house in beautiful location. The rooms were comfortable and the breakfast lacked nothing. It was not expensive. We were talking to them about the business and I was surprised to hear that they had rented the house from its Dutch owner to run as a B+B for six months. I couldn’t see how they would make a living. It must have cost a fair bit to rent such a beautiful house and their potential income was limited to letting a few rooms for a short period of time. Perhaps they could ask a lot per night in high season?

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Hi out there
Anybody know of a nice b & b / gite south of Dijon (near Belleville)?

Wouldn’t your post be better in another place? This thread is about looking for a premises to run and I guess that you’re looking for somewhere to stay.