"We are the border, we understand it...."j'y

So says Dee Margo, mayor of El Paso, Texas in a brilliantly illuminating interview about Trump’s divisive policy of criminalising cross-border (Mexico-USA) migration, which cultural and commercial exchange Margo says has worked to the advantage of both countries for 400 years.

“The US and Latin America is an international region” he suggests, and the idea of a wall is obnoxious. The current Washington administration has given the authorities in Texas, and in territories in the east, west and centre of the US no information on what Trump has decided to do about the border Issue. “We do billions of dollars worth of cross-border trade with our southern neighbours” he says. The people in Washington need to make themselves aware of how this part of the continent works, and we can provide them with the facts they need.

This, I reckon, is future talk. Voices like this must be heard. People are moving and will not be stopped. Trump is a signal that the fearful and self-obsessed narcissists who have held sway for too long are in terminal decline, and will perish. Melania Trump is in her ascendancy, and will sweep her rotten consort aside in very short order. Good riddance, and may his consignment to oblivion be swift and permanent, say I.


Brilliant, wonderful stuff thanks @Aquitaine.