We Deserve Answers

We Deserve Answers

Brexiteers have spent many years preparing for this moment. Yet, they are unable to set out a clear, comprehensive plan of the future for Britain outside the EU.

Some admit there would be a severe economic shock, but then assert nonchalantly that it would be ‘a price worth paying’.

Others are in denial that there would be a shock at all.

They can’t agree what their plan for post-Brexit Britain would look like; the onus is on those who advocate leaving, to prove Britain will be better off outside the EU.

One minute Britain is urged to follow Norway; the next minute Canada. A few days later Switzerland offers the path forward, until it becomes clear that their arrangement doesn’t provide much access for services to the EU’s single market - and services represent almost four-fifths of the British economy.

Most recently, the Brexiteers have noticed that a number of European countries that sit outside of the EU, have negotiated separate trade arrangements with the EU. They call this collection of countries the “European free trade zone”.

In fact, this doesn’t exist: it is a patch-work of different arrangements, all of them far inferior to what we have now.

Some of them say we would keep full access to the EU single market.

If so, we would have to accept free movement of workers, a contribution to the EU budget, and accept all EU rules while surrendering any say over them. In which case, we would have given up sovereignty rather than taken it back.

Others say we would definitely leave the single market - including, the Vote Leave Campaign - despite the critical importance of the single market to jobs and investment in our country.

The Vote Leave Campaign are asking everyone to take a massive risk with the future of Britain’s economy and the future of Britain.

And yet they can’t even answer the most basic questions.

What would Britain’s relationship be with the EU if we were to leave?

Will Britain have a free trade agreement, or will Britain fall back on World Trade Organisation rules?

What access would Britain try to secure back into the single market from the outside?

How long would it take to negotiate a new relationship with the EU?

What would happen to the 53 trade deals Britain has with other markets around the world through the EU?

The Vote Leave Campaign can’t answer them because they don’t know the answers. They have no plan.

This is a decision bigger than any individual politician or government. It will have real, permanent and direct consequences for Britain and every British Citizen.

I don't accept that this has been years in the making and, it seems to me, that you ask for certainty in an uncertain world.

What will the Remainders do when the European Parliament strikes out all Cameron's 'concessions' before they get ratified by treaty? Which is certainly on Schultz's agenda. What will Teresa May do when the Dublin Agreement gets modified to fix the mess that Germany is in? What will the UK do when Juncker fines us €250k per migrant we don't take? I don't know and neither do you.

This discussion is about principle rather than clear views of the future. If you were voting for entry now would you opt to join the EU as it is and will be? Or not? That's the question. We'll have to work the details out later. Because life is like that.