We did a good deed over Christmas, but never again

We used our gite to help a friend who wanted all their family home for Christmas as her husband has been diagnosed with Alzheimers.
Their time of arrival was to be in the morning of the 24th, but they eventually turned up at 7.30 in the evening.
We only have four beds and there were five of them, so I offered our personal guest room as well.
As it turned out they did not use the guest room, but one of them slept on the sofa. We only allow four in the gite, because we do not want people sleeping on the sofa.
They left on the Monday morning without saying goodbye
We have never been treated to such bad manners and it was made worse in that we put ourselves out to help their family.
I even put a Christmas wreath on the door and a special Christmas arrangement in the salon.
Has anyone else had such a poor experience?

Jane, i am afraid that in the UK it is now all me me me !!! and take take take!!!, thank goodness for France.

I think so.

Jane - how awful for you. If I were you I’d prepare a bill to cover at least your overheads and ask your ‘friends’ (?!) to forward it on. They took advantage of you - don’t let them get away with it.

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We have been in the same situation on quite a few occasions. Every time we say never again, but we always live in hope that people, friends and family, would have a bit of respect for us and our property as it is how we earn our living. Very often disappointed

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Who needs friends like that? Just cancel them out…they’ll need you before you’ll need them!

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We also have been on the receiving end of British ‘manners’. Mark it up to experience and remember that even good deeds need ground rules and zero tolerance of abuse of your good intentions. We have lost a number of friends who think that a good deed to them entitles them to walk all over you. It is refreshing that our French friends are totally different and more likely to give than receive.

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How rude.

It is interesting that you all seem to think that these people were British , but they were actually the children of a French friend.
We felt as though we were being treated as a third class hotelier.
We did make a nominal charge to cover our out of pocket expenses, but this was paid by our friend.
Do Parisians come under the label of French, or have they their own designation?


You are talking about a different ball game here, Parisians OMG, they invented Bad manners, they even make the greedy brits look good.
The above is just a few opinions i have of life Lol.

It sounds to me that you didn’t have a relationship with your ‘guests’. The booking and payments were made through a third party, the guests themselves arrived at the last minute and left at the earliest opportunity. Presumably your friends have voiced their appreciation as that is the really important thing.

Yes, been there myself.

Funny how so many Brits hate Brits. I have been here over 12 years, live with a frenchman and find the french in general to be rude,selfish and ungrateful … even when you’re PAYING them for a “service” My partner, after regular visits to the UK, is horrified at the difference between the friendly, helpful reception in shops over there and the sullen, discourteous “welcome” you get over here.


Parisiens generally are a different species, but I have to say that we have had many staying in our gites over the years and they have, without exception, been very friendly, charming even. Maybe they are only assxxxes when in Paris🤔

Not heard a thing

Why do people automatically think that if someone is rude they must be British. I am hurt that they do. Not all British people are rude! Sorry you had a nasty experience Jane. It will make you think twice before you offer again, no doubt.


That is not good.

Normally we have lovely guests staying with us and they appreciate that we go the extra mile to make our gite something special.
We offered an excellent mate’s rates to our French friend because we know that this is probably the last Christmas in which her husband will be able to join in. It was our friend that paid for her son and his family to stay, and, as someone else has already said, she probably didn’t let then know that we had opened up specially for them and
given them a good deal. Nevertheless, to sleep on the sofa when we had offered our own guest room and then to clear off without so much as a good bye was incredibly rude.

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Hi I would think they did not want to impose on your personal space re the sofa. Yes they were peculiar for not saying farewell or thankyou-- did they leave extra early??? If they don’t write or ring- wobbly time !!How did you put yourself out-- did you cook or entertain them??. If you just left themselves to it. No probs!!! We all have different standards !!. But you did a great kindness that is the main item- well done

Do not stop the good deeds

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