"We don't do that in France" - Is it true?

I own outright a huge shell of a house in the centre of a large-ish village in Dordogne. It needs a lot of work, including a new roof, which I now cannot afford to do (savings wiped out in 2008). It has been for sale for some time but, though I have reduced the price quite a lot, it does not sell. The usual reason is that it is so big.

I had discussed at length the possibility of turning it into low-cost housing (the plans were for 4 apartments) with a charity, but they backed out. I have spoken to the mayor, but he has no suggestions, Neither does the notaire have any ideas.

I am willing to go into partnership with a developer, taking payment only when the developed property would sell - an arrangements friends have had in the UK. When I asked the notaire if he could suggest such a developer, he said "We do not do that in France."

When I asked the estate agent about that kind of development, she said :"We do not do that in France."

I also thought that, as it is so large, it could be turned into something good for the community, a small museum, say, or a group of small offices or shops (it once held two businesses) but when I approached the bank about that idea, the manager said: "Ordinary people do not do that in France."

For every idea that I have had, the response has been the same, but I find it so hard to believe. Does anyone out there know of developers or charities or others who work in partnership with owners in France?

Many thanks.


Can you find out who it was who was going to do the development? I had tried to do that very sort of thing but it fell through and I would dearly love to find another organisation (or government agency?) to try that again. I thought it was a very good solution.



I seem to remember that our building which by local standards is pretty big could have been converted into 12 low-end rental apartments with local and national government grants picking up 90% of the cost!

The catch is that we would have had little or no control over the building for around ten years after which time it would come back under our control to do with what we wished.

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