Weak Wifi problem

As a non-techie I’m hoping for a simple answer. :slight_smile:

Our wifi signal is very poor. We want to connect an exterior security camera, but the signal doesn’t reach there. Is there an inexpensive way of boosting the signal?

We have a TP Link thing to boost the signal to the TV, it is connected to the Ethernet.

Is there a simple gadget that we can just plug into a socket, in the room where the security camera will go, that will boost the signal sufficiently?

It’s an old house with very thick walls.

Thanks for any help.

One solution would be to use powerline adapters such as one of these from Amazon France.
They use the power cables in your house to transmit data between your router and a remote WiFi device. The two devices - one each end of the link - should be on the same electrical circuit (not a lighting circuit).
The one at the router end pops into the socket which supplies the router and as it has a socket itself, doesn’t mean the loss of that socket but should be plugged directly into it and not an extension block.

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Thank you Graham. That is exactly the same model as we already have going to the TV. I don’t think there’s another free socket to install one of those.

The camera will be going about 20 meters away from the router, the other side of a 2 metre thick wall.

I was hoping for something that could just plug into a socket near the camera.

the network can be extended…

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Sorry to be dopey, but what does that mean? How would it be done?

It should be plug and play…
Select your model from the left panel and the right one says how many devices you can spread throughout the electric network.
The lowest number is 6 so if all you want is one extra node, you should be fine.

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You should therefore just be able to buy another receiver (as you have near the TV) - you won’t need another transmitter.


Thank you. If I just want to buy a single recei ver, what would it be called? What would I look for?

This is the model we have: Amazon.fr

Sorry to be so dense, wifi is a total mystery to me.

This link shows how to do it

Your original one has been superseded with a new model.

A list of products here:

Maybe this one?

If available on Amazon, you could always them the question about compatibility…

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If you look on the back of the one near the TV there may be a model number on it.

Do you live in an old French house?

It’s 50/50 if even neighbouring sockets go back to the same junction box in my house and then it’s probably got a mix of lighting and sockets.


You could try a Mesh wifi pack of 3 to improve coverage around and a certain distance from the house, for example, this product.

I was sorely tempted to buy one of these 3-pack things on my recent visit to Action, but had other things to do, so skipped it pending further investigation.


That is a dangerous shop of temptation.


Oh, don’t I know it :scream:


We are going to test it. Thanks.

Similar to the centre aisle of Lidl where you discover all those things you didn’t realise you needed, and after buying them find, after a couple of months, that you didn’t need them after all. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Oh, something else to consider. All we wanted to do was install an exterior security camera. Now we are sinking into the realms of a technology I know nothing about. :slight_smile:

well, just sink a bit lower :wink:
Depends on what camera device you have but another consideration in not to use WiFi at all but PoE. Solves two issues at once…

Just stop!!! :laughing: :laughing: :laughing:

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I’m waiting for PoWiFi.