Website builder programme

Can anyone please tell me which is a really easy programme to buy so that I can make my own web site.

I have been told of a few but really need a very simple programme that is just a drop and click

Thanks in advance

Further to my earlier post, 1and1 were advertising their products on French TV last night, making a big thing about how easy their software is. I gather you can receive 6 months FREE on all their packages – here''s a link:

I have most of our sites with them,,, and all the others and have never had a problem.


I have up until now used the Composer part of Sea Monkey to create my webpages and load to the web via filezilla. No big problems with either and both are free to download. Composer in Sea Monkey is rather like using a Word document, not fancy just functional. I hope No1 son who is doing a masters degree in computer programing and has just finished a 4month work placement with a website designer might help me become a bit more modern but my requirements are last on the list for a busy student!!!

I used Adobe Dreamweaver CS5 to create all of ours - we have 7 at the last count - a lovely program and you can do most things in a "design view" window without doing html/css coding. Having said that, a bit of knowledge does help and after nearly 20 years of messing about with Dreamweaver, I code directly most of the time.

You may find your site host has a program which allows you to do a simple site: either Orange or some company like that, or if you use a hosting company to have your own domain name (we use 1 and 1 in the UK, another in France) they will definately have something you can use.


We use Wordpress to make sites for our customers as they can then update without knowing html.

Weebly is a good one as well with nice templates to choose from. This is a drag and drop editor. It's free.

If you need more help, contact me


After having a good look around, Jimdo seems to be the most user friendly to me. The result is nice and slick (they offer lots of nice templates) and you don't have to know any HTML. They have a free version and you can upgrade to the pro version for 60€ a year which enables you to use your own domain name and is advert free

Good luck with your site!

not an expert but know someone who set up a site using Not checked it out but worth a look maybe?