Website Opinion!

Hi all,

I've recently started an online business and I'd welcome any feedback on my website. It's the first one I've built! E.g. Do I give sufficient information? Is the colour-scheme appropriate? Etc. Only if you've got time obviously - but I'd really appreciate any pointers. I've looked at it so much I can't see the wood from the trees anymore!

Many thanks,



I'm not sure if I'm allowed to put the internet address on - if not, please remove this post and I'll repost without it!

Hi Kathy,

I am targeting both French and English - in fact, I meant to put my French number on the site too, so thanks! The other one is a ‘Skype’ number - UK cost, but still comes through to me in France! But I will add the +44 I think - thanks for the suggestion!

I’ll have a look at the fonts too.

Many thanks for this!

Gill x

Hi Gill,

The website is nice and clear. As others suggest, I’d cut down on the fonts and number of colours used and stick with either serif or sans-serif fonts. Also, fix the difference in fonts between Electa Virtual Classroom and Skype on the Software page and as others suggest, include pictures of “work in action”.

Personally I dislike the moving band on the buttons - I’d prefer a colour change only, but maybe that’s just me !

You might want to consider using a server-side script rather than posting your email address on your website. Posting your email address can leave you open to being bombarded with loads of spam mail from robots that trawl websites looking for email addresses.

Are you only targetting UK customers, otherwise include the +44 dialling code on your telephone number, to indicate that you are in the UK ?

Can you be found in search engines ?

Good luck with the business.


Thanks Sarah - I’ll have a look at the fonts.

Many thanks for your input.

Gill :0)

Hi Gill,

The website is looking really good, I agree with a few of the other suggestions; maybe look at developing more of a logo. I also think that websites should not have too many different font sizes, maybe keep it to 2 or 3.

Apart from those, very small, things I think you’ve dona a great job! =D


Thanks Sarah!

What amazing software Gill. Looks a great opportunity. Good luck with the business!

Thanks Natasha - that’s great! I’ll get on to it!

Gill x

Hi Gill,

Just had a look at your site and agree with all the other comments. I have 3 boys and yours is a service I would consider using in the future (have bookmarked you!). My only feedback from a potential customer point of view is that I would like more description of the whiteboard software… in the frontpage text where you can click through to the whiteboard information I would like to see more information on the whiteboard itself and not just on Skype.

Hope this helps!

Thanks Neil. I’ll get working on it.
I’ve made a note of your business addresses - if things go well, I may be in touch in the future when more funds are available!

Many thanks.

Hi Gill
Straightforward but slightly dull? I think you need a logo plus photos of happy customers and more selling copy on what you can do. I can offer my services-details at



Oh and thanks for letting me know about the forum - I will post my website now!
Gill xx

Thanks for your input - it’s so hard to get honest opinions from people you’re close to! Exactly the sort of constructive feedback I need - thankyou!
Gill :0)

ps you can put your links anywhere on the site! We’re all about the PR here!

Hi Gill

The site looks good, well done! i would make get some images of the whiteboard software on the main page and maybe a shot of someone using a typical setup with you on the Skype call etc.

Good luck with you business!

Kind regards


Hi Gill
Nice to ‘meet’ you - I think it looks great - nice and simple but I don’t like the yellow star on the home page and the yellow / red on the top right and again, the yellow on the FAQ page is really hard to see. Just don’t think the colours work somehow with the rest. But other than that great - v user friendly!
C x