Website to buy second hand cars

Is there a website similar to Autotrader in UK for buying second hand cars.

I have seen a number of second hand cars for sale at dealerships but they seem very expensive eg 2 years old and only 20% off new price.

leboncoin is probably best.

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leboncoin is by far the best site, I’ve bought and sold several over the years using it. 2nd hand cars are far more expensivein France than in the UK. There isn’t the huge fleet market here in France that floods the UK with cheap nearly new cars. Perhaps those in the trade can give better reasons but that’s my take on it, people also (certainly in my family and friends) buy cars new and then keep them for years :wink:

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I think another reason people don’t change cars as often is because the one-off registration tax is obviously the same whether you keep the one year or 25 years, so changing cars and paying this tax every few years can get expensive.

It also doesn’t make a lot of sense to French minds, just like houses and jobs, they’re all seen as long term things :slight_smile:

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A useful site- thanks for the heads-up James. I’m looking to buy one and sell one!

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Hi Brian… I apologize if I am “teaching my grandmother” but…I have been called upon, recently, to help someone who did not have correct paperwork for the vehicle he had bought.

This link gives all info on the paperwork the Purchaser and the Seller need to do the Deal.
As well as what paperwork the Seller and the Purchaser must each send to the Prefecture.

Even if you know all this already, the info may help someone else…:slight_smile:

Good luck with your buying and selling…


What are you selling?

A 2007 Citroen C4 Grand Picasso 138 Exclusive. 7 seater Diesel Automatic

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You can put an ad up on SF if you like, we have a For Sale group.

Thanks James- I will!

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A company which may be able to help with selling you a second hand car and taking yours as a trade in is

I have bought a couple of cars from the over the years. This is the nearest you get to a car supermarket in France and they have dozens of second hand cars online (normally ex please cars, all models, mileages, condition etc) with lots of pics. There is usually a physical branch within proximity to most people, however you can do everything online. Long time established so should be nice and safe.

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I also bought my car via and was very pleased with the process and the car itself. If you can get over the fact that you will not see the car until you have paid for it and it is delivered, then its fine. Mine came from the Lyon area despite me living in Tarn et Garonne (82)…the car was exactly as described and so far has been great.