We are fairly new to this lark and we are hoping to move to the outskirts of a small town. During her research my wife has just discovered this site. It’s horribly designed and hard to use but packed with information, although it is hard to know how seriously to take it. Most of the best marks seem reserved for the suburbs of Paris.

I’d love to know what people who are more familiar with France feel about it.

Like most of those sites : to be taken with a pinch of salt/reality. Typed in Carmaux where I work ranges from 1.8/10 to 9.5/10 !!! You need to know the town to understand what the people are talking about. Seems to be a mix of people letting off steam and moaning to others who visit and think everything is wonderfull without seeing the underlying problems (read “crap”). I’ve used the site before just for a laugh looking at what people say about towns I know, some coments are realistic, some are from people just having a go. From an outsiders’ point of view, you’d need to learn to read between the lines to get a balanced view :wink:

Everyone’s opinion is different Tim, it would be interesting to know whether the people posting comments are local or have recently moved to the town/city they’re commenting on.

Interesting site… many of this year’s negative comments on some of the towns I know, do not reflect “normal” life due to covid - in my opinion.

I am thankful it does not include my own town… although it invites me to comment. I’m very happy that we have not been “found”… :hugs:

I tried it for some of our local towns - only the very biggest seem to be rated at all.

As it invites you to leave a comment… that will probably be the only way smaller places get entered… by a local taking the time… :wink:

bigger places will have hordes of visitors… thus even a tiny percentage of folk willing to take the trouble, will result in a place being “marked” …

I’ve just double checked. for us, the nearest town which appears in their responses… has a population of just 3666.
(we have just 357, not even a dot on the map)