Websites and Internet Presence

The 80’s called - they want their websites back :grin:

If you are looking for a fast and responsive website that looks great on any device contact me for an estimate. I do everything from domain registration / renewal to hosting to website design and configuration including integrating with facebook, twitter etc…

Note for a .fr domain you do need to be an association or business with a SIRET number. Other options include .org, .com etc.

Edit: just to add that I can provide bilingual websites French - English as standard.


Example (my website):


‘The 80’s called-they want their websites back’

I don’t understand what you are saying. Please explain what you mean.

Now then David…

as I understand it… Bob Ellis is offering to do to a Website what my daughter has been offering to do to me (for years)… complete makeover which will bring me zinging into the modern world…:wink:

well, that is how I read his Post…:innocent:

There are some nasty websites out there :grinning: