Websites offering animal products

It strikes me that we often have requests or concerns about the cost of good quality food, accessories and medication that is available without prescription.

I'd be interested to hear of any others, so please put your ideas here, and here are a few websites that I use, that usually offer excellent service, good quality at a more reasonable price. - often cheaper than the .fr!

I use for cat food.

They deliver very quickly.

Used these recently - they shipped to the container in the UK of someone who has a business shipping stuff out to the Gers. They do some decent food (like nature's menu) and healthy snack for cats.

Here are a couple more:

I use mainly (Germany) because they are cheaper than

Since I speak German I also order from since they have my favourite brand which I can’t get through zooplus (Mac’s = composition similar to Grau but only half the price. I buy the 800 g tins which are the most economical ones. However, I have to pay a small amount of postage.