Wedding glory!

Hello food lovers.
I recently made a 3 tier wedding cake, for a good friend as a wedding gift. It turned out to be a very beautiful cake indeed. My sugar paste flowers are coming along nicely. They are quite easy and I enjoyed making them, even though there is a lot of work and patience involved. Calla lilies & Stargazers. I was so nervous on the lead up to it as I brought it from France to the U.K. and that in itself could have given me a breakdown! but it made it, and it was amazing, and more importantly we are still friends! They just loved it in fact...phew!....Transporting a wedding cake from France to the U.K. is not something I would recommend but really, it was worth every second to see their faces light up with delight!![](upload://ul0jaevlOY12vDtTLYp3Gght5jB.jpg)

Thank you all, David the Calla Lilies are quite easy to make actually.

What a shame it had to be cut! Love the calla lilies.

Wow - that is gorgeous and yes, transportation must have been stressful!

beautiful decoration


Wow it's awesome.