Wedding photography

Just starting to photograph more weddings in the area and thoroughly enjoyng myself!

One thing that worries me tho as I am booking more and more weddings here is back up incase of emergency etc - In the UK I am part of a professional body that provides emergency cover for weddings - is there anyone here who could act as back up or a second shooter on a wedding?

Hi David, I have just dipped in and scratched the surface of your red bubble site and I've gotta say that I absolutely love your work. Terrific stuff. Good luck with the passport.

Thankyou Achin your work is very nice - where are you based?

If you wish I can help you from time to time ... you can check my work at

In Mouhous, 20km north of Pau just off the A65. I speak very little French but wife is very good and is a great organiser and ran a commercial photography studio in London with her previous partner. I am a graphic designer/artist/illustrator/photographer-details at

I can. Only problem I am no there in France .... yet.

I want to live there but I need a job.

I am struggling to speak to a human being to determine if I am eligable for a UK passport (British mother, British grandparents) so I can be eligable to work in France.

One day, I hope I can read a post like this and put my hand up for some work.

Happy hunting; and shooting :0


In 15 years I have been too poorly once - but it is a real worry! especially as the venues are dotted all over the place. Will have to up my vitamins lol. where are you based? Im sure you will be fine - I did my neices a few years ago and was throughly merry after an hour and was stood on the hotel roof swaying trying to take a group pics! learned my lesson no family weddings or no drinking untill tea time!

Excellent work. Would like to help but too far away. I have to photograph my brother in law's wedding back in the UK in September. Have refused several times but he is most insistant. Not looking forward to it but will have two main cameras plus a small backup and have roped in another family member as a backup photographer just in case.