Weightwatchers for jpegs

Reduce the size of your digital photos but keep the quality.


What is JPEGmini?

JPEGmini is a photo optimization technology that reduces the file size of photos by up to 5X, while preserving the resolution and quality of the original photos.

Why should I use JPEGmini?

With JPEGmini you can store more photos on your hard drive and online photo service account, attach more photos to your emails, and upload your photos faster to the web. If you have an image-intensive website, your pages will load faster, and you’ll also reduce your storage and bandwidth costs.

Is JPEGmini a new file format?

No. JPEGmini files are in standard JPEG format, which can be viewed and edited by any browser, photo software or consumer device.

How is JPEGmini different from JPEG?

JPEGmini files are optimized JPEG files, whose parameters have been tuned to significantly reduce the file size without affecting perceptual quality.

How does JPEGmini compare with JPEG2000, JPEG-XR, WebP, or other image formats?

JPEGmini uses the standard baseline JPEG format, which is by far the established market leader in the image compression space. Newer formats such as JPEG2000, JPEG-XR and WebP have not gained any significant market share yet. Although these formats presumably offer better compression than JPEG, JPEGmini’s unique recompression technology can produce JPEG files that are smaller in size than corresponding JPEG2000, JPEG-XR or WebP files.

What is the typical file size reduction I can expect from JPEGmini?

This depends on the resolution and quality of the original photo. For high-quality, high resolution photos produced by digital cameras, you can expect a reduction of 50%-80% in file size.

How does JPEGmini work?

JPEGmini works by analyzing the input image using a unique quality detector which imitates the human visual system, and based on this analysis applying the maximum amount of compression which will not cause visible artifacts. For further details, see the technology section.

Hi Neil. Sounds interesting but do you use it.

It means uploading your photos to their site!! Are there any other methods you know of offline?

thanks Neil - I just came looking in here for a solution to make my PDFs inclding 2 JPEG's smaller. I've tried compressing, saving as Photoshop PDF, reducing quality alsorts but I can't get the 1 page doc down under 15mb. I need it under 15mb to upload onto my college website. I'm going to give this a go!