Well I won't be watching

The Harold and Meg series hitting Netflix tonight. What a pair, words fail me and of course, all for the money to maintain their lavish lifestyle. Feel very sorry for the Royals, they don’t need this crap and I think a lot of people will feel the same way and boycot it too!


rather stick pins in my eyes. Fucking gross.


I take it you mean whatever surname the ginger one’s dad had. Hewitt?

Yes, I saw it advertised on Netflix the other day and I agree with almost all you said except for feeling sorry for the royals. There is no need for any of them to do any of the things they do, if they were so hard done by they could resign.

I’m sure it will be 'good television '. :confounded:

I’m a republican but I will be giving it a look as I want to understand the media storm & negative social commentary that will (probably) follow.

I’d rather criticise from a position of knowledge rather than hearsay/gossip. Of course, I may have to switch off after 5 minutes.

IMO the two individuals should be left alone. Any media attention only serves to promote their “brand”. Yes, I know that I’m complicit by adding to their Netflix views… :roll_eyes:


Increasingly, I find that what makes “good television” repels me.

We don’t have Netflix, so it’s not a hard decision. I feel sorry for Harry, because he’s obviously a bit dim, and for Megan because of the racist way some of the press treated her. But I don’t feel any need to watch their analysis of their family.

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This would have been the best thing that could have happened, and ‘being left alone’ was what they said they wanted when they left royal duties and the country.

But being left alone doesn’t fund celebrity lifestyle. Any good will and sympathy I may have had has been spent and is exhausted. The claims they made have been shattered through making this series, regardless of anything they might say. While I wish them no harm, I would much prefer if they simply went away and allowed us to no longer remember them.

As we’ve seen before, American divorcees and British royalty are not a great combination, even if they love each other.


I used to share a lab with a company that went on Dragons Den. Apart from the rapacious terms that came with any financial support from the program, they were only interested in people weeping in front of the cameras. A rational business plan with cool headed thoughtful proprietors was very much not wanted, and they got about 30 seconds screen time.

I’ve heard the same thing about recruits for The Apprentice. Mostly absolute nightmares with a couple of functional humans in the mix so that Lord Borrowboy doesn’t have to hire a complete window licker.

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Sorry, but a plague on all their houses.

They are all a bunch of self entitled parasites.

Just put my tin hat on :grinning:


Love your last paragraph, Ancient! Wallis and how that ended has been in my head since he took up with her.

I was a great fan of Megan in Suits and admire that she made something of herself. I’ve also got a lot of time for Harry who did his time in Afghanistan and for whom accounts that seem genuine say the soldiers working with him had a lot of respect for. Much more than William who’s always seemed a bit of a stuffed shirt (thank G*d for the realism(hardness) and ambition of Kate which seems to have been used for good there).

Totally agree with your last paragraph - just a shame they got together.


That’s not a pleasant thing to say. The ginger one has no control over his parentage so I think it’s rather mean to pillory him over any supposed or imagined doubt.


I agree with this. Having had to observe the media circus of the Wales’ divorce, the media circus that had became Diana’s world, having to deal with his mother being replaced by C. P-B. and finally the way he lost his mother, at that age - very difficult to remain compos mentis.

Having had a couple of bouts with depression myself, one of the lines I took most comfort from, as a source of the problem was, “Even the most stout-hearted are not immune.”

When he said “The Army saved me” I believe that to be true. As the son of two Army officers, I could see that he really loved being a soldier. Having to give it up must have been very difficult - “Who and what am I going to be and do now?” must have been a very troubling question.

Whatever else this programme is about I don’t see it as ‘funding a celebrity lifestyle’. Meghan was a successful TV actress. By default that makes her ‘a celebrity’, Harry or no Harry. Harry is a prince of the British royal blood. That makes him a celebrity - according to the media - Meghan or no Meghan.

These two people now have limited scope to earn money. The principle saleable asset they have is ‘being celebrities’. They have a limited number of opportunities to turn this into cash - there will not be, we hope, a weekly edition of the Harry and Meghan Show.

Nobody is obliged to watch the programme. I don’t have Netflix and never will. If some good results from the programme, for them, that’s OK by me.


Meh, the French had the right idea about royalty. I look forward to all members of the British monarchy suffering the same fate.

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In many ways I agree with you, but the problem I have is that they are now intentionally courting the spotlight, having used it as a reason the leave. Meghan is an actress, and surely there would be openings for her still? Harry must have some skills acquired from the army - didn’t he fly choppers? Charles isn’t short of a bob or 2, and could help them fund an ordinary lifestyle while they got sorted out.

It would be great for them to be able to have the normal life they claimed to want, but this appears to be heading in exactly the opposite direction. If you put your head above the parapet in a media war then expect to get it shot off.


The whole sorry saga is a prime example of what is wrong with the world today, whilst the war in Ukraine rages on affecting millions around the globe there is wall to wall coverage of two entitled and very wealthy people spouting off about how badly they’ve been treated by their family, who the f**k cares?


I think the Royal family aren’t particularly intelligent (probably all that inbreeding that they insist on to maintain their ‘pure’ bloodline) but I wouldn’t say Harry is any worse than any of the Windsors.

That is what they will never have. The media are all over them like a bad rash and so it will continue.

Of the two people I know to have predicted that Diana would come to grief in a car accident, the writer for the Independent who spent a day with a pap, in his car, chasing Diana around London from the moment she emerged from Kensington Place Gdns onto Ken High, wrote her last sentence thus, “If it goes on like this, someone is going to get hurt.”

‘… going on like this’ included Diana running a red light in an attempt to put some distance between her and the chasing pap pack.

And it did go on. There was never any chance that it would cease. Regrettably the Mountbatten-Windsors have that to look forward to.


Just finished watching the first 3 episodes which, far from troubling, we found to be a balanced and honest account of this young couples lives in the centre of a relentless media frenzy. How anyone can critique something they haven’t watched let alone describe it as “f***ing gross” beggars belief. You may still find it gross but at least you will be speaking from an informed position. The hatred generated against Harry and Meghan in the tabloid press is unremitting and dangerous, in my opinion and is a view held by more reasonable journos. Here is a Guardian article well worth a read.

Watch the Harry and Meghan show, and then tell me they weren’t victims of press bigotry

Zoe Williams

Zoe Williams

Before seeing the Netflix series I thought all sides were a bit silly. But the case that the duchess endured a wave of intolerance is hard to deny

Watch the Harry and Meghan show, and then tell me they weren’t victims of press bigotry | Zoe Williams | The Guardian


You decide :wink: