Well the queue for the Carte Grise in the prefecture was hilarious

As usual.. all the regulars were there.. "mrs "I'm not going to start anything, but I'm clearly above being in a queue", young miss "I'll just sigh a lot, make someone else kick off, and then join in, making it look like I'm not the agressor", and, lo and behold, here comes madame "I'm above all of you, I'm skipping right to the front" .. mr "mumble passive-agressivly" starts to mumble, and look around for support... young miss I'll just sigh a lot" flicks from person to person, waiting for her chance... just itching for someone to start. Miss "I was quiet all along, but now someone's skipped the queue, and people are getting pissed off" starts the fun and games, by shouting loudly to nobody in particular "I don't know why I even wait, you know... if people can just walk up to the counter and get served" miss "sigh a lot" then kicks in "I've been here forty five minutes (a lie), and she gets to walk right in, she isn't even disabled" Mister mumble adds a religious comment about how being a certain faith grants more rights, and I chip in with my "excuse me, but what does that have to do with this, there are people of all faiths in the queue, and skipping the queue is not a religious belief, it is just plain rudeness, and inflated ego....miss "sigh a lot", glowing, now that she has got the crowd going, agrees with me "the woman has no manners, no morals, she is a connasse. meanwhile, the lady that skipped the queue is having the security guard shove her out the door, because she has the wrong paperwork, and won't take "you have to come back with this signed by the person concerned" for an answer.

Y'know what... I'm going to go back there ever day off I get. it's a bloody laugh a minute.

lol, you could easily wave it off as them being drunk, their antics are that ridiculous, but the truth is, they are taking themselves really seriously when they're in the throes of their "cinema"

It was pretty much the same in the Trésor public office yesterday, especially as once your number buzzed up on the screen, you then had to wait to be let in to the Caisse through TWO automatic doors, with a SAS in between (!) Proceedings considerably livened up by a very 'merry' middle-aged man who started doing a little song & dance routine about the queue (yes, really) - adressing a stout lady nearby 'Je vous fais peur, Madame, heh?' answer 'Non MONSIEUR, vous ne me faites pas peur du tout..."

I drive a bike in summer, and need a car for the winter, to get me to work (in a ski village), so, I buy a crap car going into every winter, and if it makes it through to April, I sell it off.