Well water for the veg garden

Hi , like lots of expats today we must find a way to reduce our bills including the water and as we have a well i am thinking about using it to water the plants / veg / salads etc
I was just quoted 90 euro by a local lab to test the water and wonder if its worth it as we arent gonna drink it .
there are various kits available for diy tests and i wonder if anyone has tried them or has detailed knowledge of this ?


I would spent those 90 euros for the test. If you specify what use you will make of the water they can target the potentially harmful substances for the use in your garden. I find those DIY test very limited in range of substances tested; for example they don't test on hydrocarbons or fecal material, both of which can be a health-hazard when used in food-patches. Since tap-water costs about 3 Euros per m3 you will quickly have amortized the 90 euros.....

As for the pump, buy a good one with enough capacity (ltrs/hr)i.e. effective pressure to cover your needs and the depth of the well's water-level. If you use a constant drip system to water your plants you need a lower pressure then with traditional hoses. Good pumps can be anything from 150 euros (low capacity, max depth about 8-9 meters) to up-to 700 (high capacity and for depths of over 20 meters).

But you need to inform at your mairie if the well has been declared to them, it is not allowed to use a non-declared well and you could be liable for a hefty fine.

We had our well tested & it was confirmed it was no good for us to drink. The well is 12m deep.

I have been watering my veggy patch & lawn with it for the last 6 years as well as showering the horses. We are all still alive so it must be ok.

My one suggestion would be to pump off loads of water to start to clear any crap that will have accumulated at the bottom of the well due to non use. If you can see the bottom it's almost certainly OK.

I use a multi stage pump I bought from BricDepot. This sort of pump will be necessary to pump water up & give you sufficient head to run a hose. We have about 50m of 20mm hose with no problems. The well water is much better for the garden than "town" water as it has no chlorine in it. Good luck


If you use the well water within the house, you will have to pay taxes.