Well water

we have just had our well water tested at the Laboratoire dAnalysesmmedicales and they have confirmed that the conclusion is excess nitrates! What does this mean please? Can we bath in it? Probably not drink it though!

Hi John, I will answer your questions and try and explain them the best I can. First I will say that the equipment I use puts out no voltage only natural frequencies as found in nature. One of Rayonex polar 1000 machines uses a program called RAH which uses radio waves for the correct frequency as well as mechanical frequency. The beauty of using radio frequency is that more freqencies are available for use at any time. As explained before it works by putting the frequency of say toxins and heavy metals into a tumour one at a time. When you have a match you know that the metal exists in the body because the resonates to the same frequency. Just like having two identical tuning forks, if you ring one the other one on the other side of the room will ring because they are the same frequency.

I can do this two ways. The Rayonex has a heavy metal program. But I prefer to do it the old way. I have a test kit of small test tubes of which each tube is filled with all metals, all household toxins, nitrates and weedkillers etc. The patient sits in a reclining chair which is covered in a special fabric which is woven inside with a wool and fine metal weave. One of my Rayonex machines will be programed with the frequency of the tumour and the organs that are effected. another machine will test all the bottles in the test kit against the patient and the organs in the first machine. I end up with say 10 test tubes that have a solid match. could be mercury, lead, copper, amalgam, plus chemicals and solvents. To remove the toxins I place the test tubes in a special holder which passes the frequencies into the patient. I then set up the frequencies in the machine for blood supply through the tissue, blood, kidneys, ureter, bladder, prostate, urethra. After a couple of hours of the patient on the Rayonex and drinking plenty of water. The toxins resinate and start moving out of the organs into the blood and eventally out of the body. I test the patients urine to see how much toxin has come out. When the patient comes back after a 2 week period I test again and usually find 50% of the test tubes are not needed. Remember while all this is going on I have frequencies running for the cancer and other related problems. So over a period of a few months all the toxins disapear, if they don’t then you have to look carefully at what is causing the problem at home or work. Men with prostate problems you always find heavy metals and that causes the prostate to inflame. Metal fillings wear down and the metals collect in the prostate from plumbing and all sorts, if the toxin keeps turning up its probably from metal fillings in the teeth or faulty plumbing. Remember that these toxins stay in some areas for ever so you could have been infected 20 years before.

An interesting one I find is women with lung fluke, paragonimus, the cause of many a lung and throat cancer. When testing the lungs I sometimes find plenty of solvent for the parasite to live on. When checked against nail varnish and nail varnish cleaner its a perfect match. Ladies must do their nails in a ventilated area. I had a case a few years ago in France where there was so much solvent in a young girls lungs I had the speak to the parents and when the truth came out this girl was sniffing solvent with the boyfriend.

Colloidal silver is a wonderful product but alas that was banned last year along with a raft of other good cures. If you saw the list of product that is banned every year you would be very surprised, Talk to John Doyle at Health Leads UK one of the best places to buy natural product, also the UK distributor of Rayonex.

You have to remember John that Cancer is a big industry and is well protected and doctors are not taught about parasite or really understand it. When you think that nearly 70% of serious illness is parasitic you have to ask why. Drug companies spend their time looking for the magic bullet, after all they make money from drugs not selling herbs. There is a growing band of young doctors disillusioned with the health service the way it is and some of the treatment given and are opening there minds to what else is available. Some hospital doctors I talk to tell me that they are no longer healers because they have 40 patients a day booked in and all they do is write prescripions when they know the patient has an underlying problem they have not got time to look at. It leads to job dissatisfaction which is a shame.

Doctors using Rayonex machines save a lot of time because of the quick accurate testing that can be done, then the patient can go to the hospital with a report.
I am a very practical person any never takes anything on face value unless I have tested it myself and like you very skeptical of what comes out of America. I always used to work with other practitioners of resonance equipment years ago, if we discovered something new we used to pass the knowledge to each other. But nowadays I tend to do more seminars for interested doctors that are pioneering cancer cures with Rayonex and I am pleased to see using some of the Canadian Dr Clarks methods, She was thrown out of America because she told the food manufactures about toxins in food. Now many years later other doctors are warning manufacturers. Life goes full circle. I hope I have managed to answer your points. If you need further information of any sort John email me geofinitaly@icloud.com

Lets get some facts,

What does the fluke O meter actually measure?

Baring in mind cancers affect about 1:6-1:8 that's a lot of people drinking contaminated water?

Most people will drink chlorinated water and chlorine at around 1ppm put a charge of around 650-700 Mv sufficient to kill most bacteria, virus and parasites in 15-45 seconds so what is the source of the contamination?

How can your equipment selectively kill only bad things and not good things at the same time?

How does the + voltage draw out the parasite/toxin from organs deep inside the body with the skin only contact?

All metals have a + charge, from sodium through magnesium to your use of colloidal silver so will attract negative particles, what makes yours so special and where are the peer reviewed results?

There are so many people involved in the cancer cure/treatment around the world that by now the (since 1930's) curious oncologists and universities would have put this procedure through it's paces and results would be available not just from a few protagonists?

It's not hard to figure out why when caner cells are present the toxin is also, as each cancer has it's tumor marker fingerprint which allows oncologists to know where cancer has metastasise to

There are so many junk cancer conspiracy cures all coming from eminent doctors mainly based in the US it's not at all hard to see why the majority are highly skeptical.

Hi Imre, you are right we trangressed from the well water and that was the sole reason for writing in the first place only because I have quite a bit of expierience of well water in area 24 and 33. When I first joined SFN there were no pictures and as I never reply to anything normally I have never bothered. I sorry if there has been a few spelling mistakes but for some reason my computer does not self correct on this site also the writing is very small. I also do not have a website as I retired after more than 50 years work, I have done my share. As for degrees I have non as I have always been self taught and have letters after my name for engineering but never used them. I have been healing for over 50 years and using Bio resonance since 1999, the early days.
I bought a summer home in area 24 during 2003 so that I could semi retire and do more research work. Before long friends and friends of friends were asking me to test for varous illnesses. When testing I found that the parasite content of the body was much higher than normal for some people, all types of parasite and I could not understand it. Then a friend I was treating said could it be the water, we only use well water for drinking, cooking and everything. I tested a sample and found about 14 different parasite ranging from hookworms to Sheep liver fluke, exactly what I found in the lady. They changed to mains water and then a parasite cleanse for the family and all became fit and well. The son actually had like blue veins at the tops of his arms which turned out to be worm but disapeared after treatment. Since then whenever I find a parasite problem I ask the question about well water and test it. You talked about nitrates, in area’s of high nitrates the parasite content of the well is high, why ?
I do not atribute everything to Flukes I was just talking about cancer. How come that whenever I test a tumour I always find fluke and toxin, which came first the chicken or the egg. If you kill the fluke and remove the toxin the tumour shrinks and goes away over 90% of the time, why ? you tell me.
I know you do not understand resonance and the technical sophistication of it, you should look into it and you will be very surprised with the acuracy in testing.
Anyway the matter of well water, use it for watering the plants only I suggest. Don’t send it to a test centre as they don’t normally know what they are looking for. In England I had a good relationship with all the local doctors because they were used to me treating their patients. Before now we have sent off to the lab a whole jar of flukes that has come out of one of their patients to see which type they are, it has come back with a report no parasite found only vegetable matter, at least it always gave us all a good laugh, even the doctors admit they don’t know what they are looking for half the time at the labs. As for Johns reply about Flukes keeping to certain area’s I find totaly amazing. David Gay says it should be Krankie corner, he is right and I don’t want to be part of it, or live in cloud cuckoo land.

Just the way the threads trend John. Perhaps a new group could be formed, say Krankie Korner, though Brian Milne might find this disrespectful to Scottish "comedians".

Geof, you would do yourself a favour if you showed your face, stopped making spelling mistakes, have a good website with references and degrees, did not get "every case right" for the first time, and do not attribute everything to flukes - we all heard something about effects of smoking, etc... Then flukes may sound more believable particularly in France where carpaccio is a big thing.

I would also advise whoever is in charge here to split this off to another thread as this really has not much in common with well water. I can help with water chemistry but resonance does not resonate much with me.

David all I can say is that you are totally clueless about parasitic matters and I have not got time to explain. The fact is I have been working on parasitic illnesses for more than 20 years and have a reasonable understanding. If you have parasitic illness and use a Dr Clark cleanse which is available from all good herbal companies it will cleanse the body over a 1 month period. Black walnut hull, wormwood and cloves are very good.
As for hair sampling I always test hair first and I always get it right first tyime so I don’t think there is any element of chance. I have hair samples sent to me from all over Europe from people with cancer and from the hair I know what type they have and what toxins, virus and parasite in their system, damn clever these modern resonance machines no wonder doctors are using them. These machine are a very expensive piece of modern scientific equipment, not a magic box.
There are hundreds of types of flukes and parasites in the UK and France and believe me there is not just one that gets into humans, most do sooner or later in all major illness.

This thread has morphed into something else entirely now and it's all about conspiracy theories and dubious treatments. Well I have enjoyed reading about it and catching up on some of the information but as to believing curing and everything down to flukes well that will take a lot more convincing.

Lets start with the conspiracy theory. I am happy that Royal Rife's microscope was all it was said to be, why dispute it, it existed/exists and is just a microscope with an unusual twin polarising light source and and a high magnification lense but never the less for it's time a good invention although probably overshadowed by the then electron microscope discovery.

We know now that all cells vibrate at certain frequencies and again at that time it was probably revolutionary. We also know that the correct frequency can burst cell membranes. A colleague of mine used a similar theory to burst the cells of algae although using 10x the power of another acquaintances pulsed version the original didn't work very well compared to the pulsed version but we know we can destroy cells in this way.

The idea that a lab was destroyed in suspicious circumstances is pure Hollywood. If you have invented something then reconstructing another is a doddle and with wealthy Doctor friends as you put it surrounding him funding would have been easy and rebuilding it would have also been easy even in another country should the cancer or drug companies be in hot pursuit. Now we have moved on so far and although drug companies do have a lot of power so to do the likes of Cancer research and others around the globe so if it was a real cancer cure funding would have been made available as it is to various universities to carry out the research even after all these years. The cancer research program is world wide, when someone thinks they have cracked a cancer, they share the information around and the results are tested to try and replicate it, that's how we advance and yet this is still not mainstream although elements of it probably appear throughout cancer treatments.

Then we have the plethora of hangers on making a buck of two off the back of one man's work. The problem is the sophisticated machines have been pulled apart and been found to be anything but.

Resonant frequency treatment is used to increase bone density and relieve arthritis pain and the relatively simple Tens machines don't seem so far removed so maybe some of that was down to Rife's pioneering work.

Then we have the diet, always marketed as natural but science is science and not marketing so whilst the companies ramble on about chlorine and carcinogenic they fail to mention the body manufactures chlorine as one of the defense mechanisms against infection. The barley straw derivative, when barley straw breaks down it releases hydrogen peroxide, doesn't sound so natural now? as the body already manufactures this to are you causing the imbalance? The body controls pH very well even resulting in dissolving the calcium from our skeletal system in order to maintain the correct pH.

I just cannot believe in the flukes idea when the flukes have been shown not to be all regions of the EU and other countries. If you can prove otherwise publish a paper on it. I do believe a virus could mess up the cells but you'll have to find a new source.

The reference you make to lots of flukes in UK is not correct. Only one fluke fasciola hepatica is of any significance affecting mainly sheep and to some extent cattle. My mentioning L Ron Hubbard is that he also invented a magic box or e-meter which was a tool used to "diagnose" and "clear" people so that's how we got there. Your diagnosis of AIDS from a hair sample is superficially impressive but statistics show that however improbable, some things can happen and will. But scientific method would require you to make an accurate diagnosis of several hundred randomised samples ie.samples drawn at random from a general population not simply the ill.As to your colonic cleansing diets why would a happy fluke leave the comfort of the liver or bile duct because of something happening in the colon. A tapeworm might just do that but they frequently exit the anus volontarily. One of the reasons why if you have a tapeworm infestation your arse itches encouraging you to scratch is that should you move finger to mouth you may reingest proglottid tapeworm particles. Damn clever these parasites. I could go on but ther's little one can do to convince snake oil merchants of their folly.

There is only one species of fluke likely to be found affecting the human population in UK and that confined mainly though not exclusively to sheep ie fasciola hepatica.

David I don’t know what you read but look into the facts on Rife. Look at his life and look at the microscope he built it was so large, lots of pictures of him and the microscope. He was the first man to see cancer multiplying and certinley not a quack. How come that so many doctors wanted work with him from around the world. Why were the doctors paid 2000 dollars each to leave his laboratory, who stole all the records and burnt the place down ? You must look on other sites to find the truth.
You see that all of this has been a conspiricy, who would do this and have the most to gain? Why are all the herbs and other home help treatments disapearing from the market every year in Europe, and why are vitamins going to be available just from doctors in a few years time.
Seems like you will have to work it out for yourself and read both sides of the argument

Royal Raymond Rife neither invented the electron microscope nor a cure for cancer. He was another quack whose work was "destroyed" by a "conspiracy" of the American Cancer Society and the American medical Association. Funny how quacks always see the world conspiring against them. I know I should get out more and learn of the miraculous powers of bioresonance but I'm reading the Letters of Philip Larkin at the moment and he's cranky enough for me.

David if you also look up Royal Raymond Rife, he was the man who invented the electronic microscope also the man that found the cure for cancer. He was awarded the highest honours by the medical profession and scientists. Then the FDA found that he did not use drugs for a cure and see what happened to him, same with Dr Clark who was a very clever person that dedicated her life to helping people all over the world and worked right up to her death.
I don’t know how Ron Hubbard got into this conversation but it is nothing to do with bio reasonance.
For anyone that does not know what it is I will explain. All organs in our body have frequencies our whole body works by frequency. All virus’s and all living things vibrate at unique frequencies. If someone is ill with a virus the machine will run a complete set of viral frequencies by puttin the frequency for each virus into the body until it finds a match, then it tells you which one it is. the frequency is then put through the whole body using a positive frequency and the virus dies. Last year a man contacted me and said he has been unwell for nearly 2 years and the doctors have been giving him lots of antibiotics and he is still the same. I told him to send me a hair sample to France and I will test it. A quick test showed he was HIV so I rang him and went for testing and it was positive, how accurate is that. The same with somebody who has Crohn’s desease or colitis, run the frequency for parasite and it will normally come up with intestinal fluke or tape worm in some cases. Then put them on a herbal colon cleanse and ask them to pick out the flukes and put them in a jar of spirit for their doctor to look at. This is not mumbo jumbo as it is quite scientific that is why more and more doctors are interested because it gets results and very quick. Interestingly when I was running the healing centre in England many years ago i had a lot of help from a top Professor who looked into frequency and healing. It was him who studied frequencies and used to test my frquencies when healing to see the changes, he could not believe it as he was an acadmic and very new for him. Also he looked at Dr Clarkes work and carried out scientific tests with Zappers etc. It was him that said we need to find a resonance machine for more tests so he looked world wide and found Rayonex in Germany that were making the Rayometer. So we bought on for testing and we were very surprised how easy it was for testing all sorts of things using special test kits of toxins, metals and parasite. Then later Rayonex brought out bigger machines with intergrated programs which made things quicker and easier. These machines are used all over the world and even France has a Rayonex distibutor. There is nothing sinister about these machines they are very logical to use and you see what is happening straight away.
Doctors are very interested on two counts, 1 you can carry out a full body checkup in 2 hours which would be far greater than a hospital could do and much more information and secondly its possible to cure viris and improve the immune system without drugs.
You need to speak to the many thousands of people that have been completely cured by this treatment. By the way I do not work on just the rich I work on the poor as well, also I have never paid myself for the work that I do, Any donations that come in are used for equipment. Also the european seminars I have given have all been free and I have paid my own expenses. I am semi retired now so don’t work the 12 hours a day healing like I used to. I hope that you will now look into bioresonance which believe it or not is tomorrows medicine.

Dr Hulda Clark I think that this


sums up Dr. Clark.

Testing and clearing is the mumbo jumbo of L Ron Hubbard and his so-called dianetics

I dare say you do sessions for "health" workers but I doubt that anyone properly qualified in Medicine would touch this stuff with a bargepole.

Oh David you are out of touch, why are more and more doctors turning to bio resonance, I know because I do training and seminars for health workers. People do come to have reasonace work done because hospitals and doctors can do no more. I can assure you David it is very accurate for testing and clearing. especially certain diseases. I suggest that you enlighten yourself by reading about bioresonance, especially the book by Deitmar Heimes who is the CEO of Rayonex. These machines are used by doctors in Germany, Japan, and China. If you look at the work done by the late Paul schmitt and Dr Hulda Clark youwill be surprised. You find it far from quackery.

All this bio- resonance "science" reminds me of Reich and his orgone generator in the 20's and 30's or of e-meter sessions at Scientology's premises in the Tottenham Court Road in the 60's. All tantamount to quackery of course and generally intended to satisfy the needs of the asymptomatic but worried rich and the desperate but terminally ill seeking one last chance at life. Having said that I shall away to place my tinfoil pyramid atop my head the better to clarify my thoughts.

@ Whitnall. Oh here I see we are in the magical world of bio-resonance. I'd rather engage with peer reviewed science and evidence based medicine rather than some electomagnetic mumbo jumbo. It's far too cold in the Great lakes for the schistosoma to thrive. Thyroid problems (unspecified ) have little or nothing to do with the the pH of the water you swim in.

Hi David just surprised to hear that Schistosoma fluke is not in Europe. I find it in Uninery cancer very frequently in the UK and Europe. Only this week been treating a lady with liver cancer with heavy infection of sheep liver fluke in Rome. A lot of different types of fluke are found all over the UK. The Great Lakes in Canada have a lot of nitrates in the water which has altered the PH and thyroid problems are rife. Also schistisoma fluke thrives in that enviroment. Some years ago I worked on a young lad that had come back from a school trip swimming in the Great lakes and he had a very severe infection of Schistosoma fluke which unfortunately destoyed his uninery system and kidneys and he died. This fluke is easiest picked up in water with PH imbalalance.

Schistosome parasites are not found in Europe although widespread in tropical and sub tropical Arica and some parts of the Middle East.. Further unless you eat aquatic plants most commonly water cress that has been colonised by the eggs of liver fluke or you eat liver contaminated by fluke you are most unlikely to be infected by sheep fluke. Swimming or bathing is not a likely cause of infection for fluke

Absolutely, O2 is vital to the complete process or as you say half the process incomplete means nowt but dead water or the same in micro sewage plants. great to have you on the forum. I'll be back later but hopefully the complete picture will come from Lynn soon.