Well worth a watch

A time, not so long ago, when politicians actually cared.

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Exactly what did Phoney Tony and the One-Eyed Nokia Flinger care about?

I’m pretty sure that it wasn’t us or the hundreds of thousands killed during the hugely successful invasion and occupation of Afghanistan and Iraq.

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Did you watch it? If not, how do you know?

Most people enter politics to improve the lives of the public they serve, unfortunately many get corrupted by the power and influence that goes with the job when you reach a certain level. I’ve no doubt Tony and Gordon thought they were doing the right thing following the Yanks into Iraq but by then they like so many UK governments before them had been mesmerised by the UK/US ‘special relationship’ and were happy to accept the dubious claims of WMD’s.

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What was I supposed to learn from watching a video featuring a pathological liar and a halfwit?

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It used to be like that, back when politicians weren’t pumped out of Oxbridge PPE academies and into safe seats with zero life experiences.

I also seem to remember that Tony’s propaganda minister had a hand in that dodgy dossier.

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Blair made one very significant mistake but his sense of duty is in a different league to the venal clown we have today IMO. Brown wasn’t a leader but he was an excellent numbers man. All Sunak proved in the budget was he’s Johnson’s poodle, just like the rest of the cabinet.

Probably as much as we can learn online from reading comments from pathological liars and halfwits…

“An excellent numbers man…” The bloke that sold off British gold at rock bottom prices? Have you considered a career in stand up comedy?

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I was thinking of the financial crash. I don’t think gold speculation is a numbers game, it’s, well, speculation.

Gold is a good hedge against inflation, other than that I’m not sure it is a great investment.