Westminster Voting Intention June 8th general election - Poll (Anonymous)

June 8th general election, which party would you vote for?

This poll is anonymous, nobody will be able to see your choice.

  • Lib Dem
  • Conservative
  • Labour
  • UKIP
  • Other

0 voters

Is it me or is there something wring with this graphic?

How so?

6 votes and 67 17 and 16%. My maths must be rubbish :smiley:

It doesn’t seem to be registering my choice.

Maybe it’s the wrong one Jane :smiley:


Each vote so far is worth 16.66666666666666666%.
4X16.66666666 rounds up to 67.
1X16.66666666 rounds up to 17.
The program must add those two together and subtract the answer from 100. The poor Lib Dems have been rounded down to 16 when they should have been rounded up to 17 as well but that would have given 101%.
Simple and effective if not completely accurate.
The Lib Dems won’t mind too much, they are used to being the unfairly treated partner, they have a history of being shafted by the Conservatives.


But the number of votes don’t correspond and how can you have a different percentage for two parties with the same votes. At 6 votes it must be 4/1/1 which give 75/12.5/12.5

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Your version has three quarters plus an eighth plus an eighth. That is wrong. Four out of six is two thirds not three quarters, one out of six is one sixth not one eighth.

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My bad I read it wrong.
Should’ve gone to spec savers. My apologies to James.

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Looks better now 10 have voted, no rounding up or down.

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My screen still shows 6.

Not registering my choice either…

What device are you using @ChrisK ?

iPad, James.

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iPad too Jane?

Google Chrome, nope, not registering my choice.

Also iPad?

My vote not registering. Using Ipad Air 2 using safari.



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Even after logging in it will not register my choice.