Wet Wipes are causing great problems

I wonder how many of us thought it was OK to flush these away… :thinking: They are NOT biodegradable… :unamused::unamused::unamused:

I must say I’ve never considered any variety of wet wipe flushable and they have always gone in the bin.

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Tut tut… Paul… :wink::wink:

as I understand it they are not biodegradable … they contain plastic and that is the problem… they flush around the bend… and then… yuk…

No way should they be left to rot (or not to rot in this case)…

Why are you tutting?

We don’t actually use very many and haven’t since my son was out of nappies - they are useful perhaps in the car on a journey as water is not always available to clean hands but we don’t make use routinely at home.

The few we do use go in the bin - where else would you have me put them? As we have ascertained they do not flush whatever it says on the packet and they are hardly recyclable.

I winked twice after tutting… only teasing Paul… of course folk will use them if nothing else is available…

The manufacturers will hopefully make them biodegradable… and that will be a great plus for the environment…


In the UK I am third in a terrace , the first two houses drains meet up with mine and then all three run into a bigger drain. A few years ago both had babies. One day I realised I had foul water coming into my house plumbing. When the plumber looked he said that the drain was impacted with wet wipes it took him ages to sort out and he told me that although they say flushable they really aren’t and three babies worth were just too much


I don’t mind plumbing when it’s on the supply side but the effluent side of things can get pretty unpleasant pretty quickly.

I’ve never assumed wet wipes would flush.
More to the point when mine were babies I used cotton wool and warm water on their bums and I would now. I don’t believe in unnecessary chemicals especially on a delicate baby.

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My drains man said that some say flushable and people believe that, perhaps an occasional one would be

It amuses me that in the UK certainly they sell water baby wipes. I suppose they are convenient but why ?

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You and 100,000 other people believing that and “it’s not me”.
Not even one!

Then we have tea bags.

Are people flushing those as well?

Not me - don’t drink the stuff!

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I didn’t say I particularly believe it but they might use that as their get out clause

Yes. Apparently some tea bags have plastic in, weird.

Good news is PG pyramid bags are made from biodegradable vegetable sources.

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They do turn up with alarming regularity when un-blocking drains. The fibre used in some bags is plastic.


I like to think so, :grin: it is a point often missed even by eco aware folk

I don’t find they clean my bum very well, so I have moved on to coffee filter papers!


:rofl::rofl: Made my day Mat :hugs: