What a bastard, IMHO 🙂

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All our yesterdays have lighted fools
The way to dusty death…


Arrogant :face_with_symbols_over_mouth:

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Johnson not wearing a mask (again) or 31 migrants dying off Calais, what’s more important John?

I’ve no idea why you would compare the two Tim.


Yet more migrants have died today trying to cross the Channel but the most important news story that you felt needed to be shared was Johnson allegedly not wearing a mask, how sad.

Start your own thread on migrants issues Tim. I can’t do everything for you :joy:


The stories are not unconnected, are they? Both a reflection of Tory callousness.


BTW, a talking point for your thread might be why after winning a referendum on taking back control the UK expects France to manage its borders?

Plus one might also wonder why a Home Secretary who would be living in poverty in a Kampala ghetto but for the generosity of the British people thinks she’s the right to pull up the ladder for other refugees.


But worthy of a separate thread surely.

Indeed - as is the latest installment of the Windrush scandal - having behaved in a way indistinguishable from the fascist countries in the 1930s - an over-powerful and amoral state subjecting its own law-abiding citizens to arbitrary arrest, imprisonment and deportation - the UK has now, 4 years on, still failed to compensate 95% of those it wronged.
Actually callousness is insufficient explanation - only hate-filled racists could countenance it.


Both but Johnson’s gambit is that we will all be talking about the former and not the latter.


Johnson’s photos in the press are very interesting, for me they fall into two categories:-

i) The posed, dressing up ones, where he’s either wearing the protective clothing of some trade of which he knows nothing, or where he’s taken his jacket off and purposefully rolled up his shirt sleeves ( like Cameron, but have either ever really rolled up their sleeves in their pampered lives).

ii) The unposed - my favourite is him coming out of Downing St and trying to pull up his sagging trousers with one hand while waving to the press.

However, he can play the idiot or the clown and use either to distract media attention from the real issues.

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Ironic that it was The Scottish Play.

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John, I think you are being far too polite.

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Today’s Guardian reminded me there’s a third category, presumably intended to convince the British public that the government consists of an orderly, capable team of smooth operators (apologies Sade)

Deconstructing the optics of the first photo suggests something rather different. In addition it shows that at least two Cabinet members wear long ,dangly ties similar to those sported by Johnson, and of course Trump. Is this intentional Freudian projection of virility (or compensation for inadequacy) or simply an unwittingly naive, sartorial imitation of their alpha males?