What a bloody awful day

One of our 4 dogs, he is 7 years old, developed a heart problem last year, enlarged heart and fluid on the chest his medication seemed to be working though the problem we knew would get worse with age. Over the last couple of weeks his condition has deteriorated, off his food and very lethargic so down to the vets to be told after an ecg ,scan, blood test and Xray there is very little hope he now has a type of blood cancer. The vet gave us a prescription for the pharmacy as its a human medicine as our last hope. We have to return next Wednesday and if there isnt any improvement we need to make a decision, we have to decide what is best for the dog not us. Over the years i have had to make this decision so many times but it doesn't get any easier

John, I am so sorry. How difficult and upsetting for you but it sounds as though it really was the right time and the absolutely right decision for Barney. As for staying the night with him the thought that it was silly did not enter my mind for a second. When many moons ago one of my cats was going through gradual organ failure I slept on the floor in the sitting room with him. So, silly? Not a jot. I hope you have some photos of Barney enjoying days out, daft expressions or simply sleeping contentedly. When it's not so raw, you and your wife sit down with a glass of wine and go through them. He will definitely not be forgotten. xxx

Hi Valerie, yes we took him yesterday it was terrible in fact my wife and myself were really upset the vet was extremely sympathetic gave Barney a good examination his heart had improved with the new medication but it was Leukemia that was the problem, that had appeared very quickly, we all agreed that given the circumstances it was better to let him go.

He hadn't eaten for two days just scraps we tried steak Salmon Tuna but he turned up his nose and had started to throw up and pee as soon as he drank . we stayed with him Tuesday night, may sound silly but we didn't want him to be on his own on his own the last night. We have three other dogs including his litter sister they obviously know something has happened as they looked for him when we returned and this morning at feed time they couldn't understand why his corner was empty and his spot in the living room in the evening .

Hi John, just checking in to see any news - unless the appointment is next Wednesday and I've got my weeks mixed up (it happens, you know).

I hope things will improve, but as you know its not good......the decision you may have to make will be painful, but you owe it to your friend who would have willingly defended you with his life to make sure he does not suffer.

I dread the time when I have to make the same decision with our Rosie....

..............god bless.

John that's so sad and so difficult for you especially as he's still in the prime of life. Unfortunately you know how hard this is going to be and what to expect and all good thoughts are going out to you from me. It's obvious how much you care for your friends. I'm crossing everything that the new meds make a drastic improvement. xxx