Has anyone experienced the joy of a car grinding to a halt, as a result of filling-up with the wrong fuel …???

At least diesel in a petrol engine is less bad than the other way around. Drain tank, flush lines, refill and most will be good to go.

Petrol in a diesel engine can seriously <insert colourful phrase> the engine.

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No, Stella Wood, but I made the mistake in Villers Bocage of trying to get the nozzle of a commercial-use-only pump into my first ever diesel car. Some locals in a truck were stuck behind me, but they only giggled at my frustration. When I apologised they said they’d seen it many times before. The garage owner just waved it away as of no importance. I hope it’s a misdemeanour (delit :roll_eyes:) and not a crime (un crime :scream:)?

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