What am I doing wrong...or not seeing?


Not sure if this is the right place to ask this (but it's not a discussion really), so it must be a 'blog?'....

I have placed a couple of adverts on Le Bon Coin recently and have had a couple of people interested in the 'Nearly new, hardly used', Ikea double beds that I have on offer.....

As one doesn't put ones own telephone number or email address visible on the ad itself, I am of course presuming that one continues to communicate via le Bon Coin, (as one does with Ebay), in order to have some degree of protection and I have already said that payment must be cash on collection (no refund), or PayPal.

I have logged into the site and can't find how to respond the the email message that it says that I have.....I am hoping that experienced 'Le Bon Coiners' might be able to help...asap please !

For the record, I sell the internet payment coupons in my tabac and I've seen some real rip offs, I've saved some people from losing hundreds of euros. Just ask yourself each time, is there the slightest thing dodgy about this enquiry, be vague in your first reply if you're not sure ;-)

when somebody enquires about an advert, they click on the "envoyer un email" button and the seller receives the email. Until then, the buyer doesn't know the email address. It's up to the seller to decide whether to reply, by email, phone etc. or not. I've had loads of enquiries over the years of using leboncoin where I didn't bother replying as it was obviously dodgy ;-)

Thanks Andrew,

This is what puzzles me...in the response that Le Bon Coin sent me...(the PS bit..)

This email was sent to you about the announcement "Two double beds IKEA, complete with mattress "you filed on Leboncoin.fr: http://www.leboncoin.fr/ furniture / 867581227.htm PS: the person who contacted you will not know your email as you will not reply. Think, if possible, to check the details of your contact person (name, address, phone number) to make sure you have a contact in case of dispute. In general, choose the delivery of the object hands clean.Beware of enticing offers too! Flee requests from abroad when you only have a contact email. The transfer bank Western Union, Paypal, Money Order ... proposed may well be artificial. Finally, stay vigilant against phishing: leboncoin.fr will never ask for your personal information by email or SMS (username, password ,. bank details ...) For further information please visit our disclaimer page: http://www.leboncoin.fr/phishing.htm Thank you for your trust and see you soon on our website, The team sell, buy, near you. http://www.leboncoin.fr

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PS - I always put my mobile number in the advert (but I appreciate that not everyone is happy haggling/negotiating in French) and I run a business here so I'm used to people trying to con me :-O

No, Hilary, everything is done direct, just like if you put an advert in the paper, no cover or assurance what so ever from leboncoin.fr Having said that I've bought and sold houses, cars, a boat etc using it and never had a problem (apart from the usual ridiculous offers from african countries et al. but they're so daft you can spot them a mile off ;-)