What are the benefits of not registering cars

What are the benefits of Not registering cars in France it’s mostly brits I see not doing it here the Germans Dutch Scandinavians the go French plates but allot of brits don’t so why is that

They are probably economising the price of the carte grise, no road tax if their vehicle is SORNed, no controle technique, not paying insurance, hoping their parking or speeding tickets won’t catch up with them and possibly driving without a valid licence. I can’t think of a legitimate reason not to import your car if someone has immigrated here.
Or maybe they are just clueless.


Parking and speeding tickets go to the uk now I heard about

Where these people don’t live and the vehicle is off the road. Not easy to catch up with the owners or just not worth it unless they do something really spectacular.

I won’t to register my cars here but the French won’t let me that’s one problem

Whyever not?

American made cars so the called grey imports but they are not because they are sold brand new in Europe they are not imported but the government don’t see it like that

Surely you just pay the taxes, assuming they have a CdeC, and basta?

The “grey imports” are not EU nir French compliant,at keast thete is no certification to show that they are. In France, the givernment allows yiu ti register such vehicles but you need tioget them certified first.
It likely will be a long and complicated process but a process does exist. You are not prohibited from doing this. It is wise to check on the procedures before deciding whether to import something or not.
Once the WA is over, importing a UK registered vehicle will likely get a lot nore expensive. VAT paid in the UK may no longer be regarded as VAT paid in the EU, as one example. CoC issued in a non EU country may not be recognised either, so a vehicle may have to go through the same certification process as what is called a “grey import” today.

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Well one of the benefits of registering a car here is not having it confiscated if you, as a French resident, are caught driving it :slight_smile:

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Not all of us, though.
My van has always been insured, ct’ed…
I’ve not always had the means to pay to change papers…
Iveco want 540 for a CoC ; then there’s 450 (?) fotrthe cg.
People saying it’s not possible / illegal to insure a UK reg vehicle here,maybe haven’t spoken to Allianz.


No, I’m sorry if you felt I was pointing the finger at you, I didn’t mean you - you are en règle but lots aren’t :relaxed: it is a shocker they want 540€ for a CoC :fearful:

No finger pointing was felt :grin:
I do however know lots of folks that have gone back to UK when a new car was needed & never bothered with the formalities.
I have my CoC,but the CG will have to wait,as the tax people want their money in October.

I have an idea somewhere that it is a legal requirement to re-register a car within three months of import. That said, there are plenty of people who ignore the rules. I know of a couple of insurance cos. in UK who will insure you accepting a CT instead of MoT, which is the partial loophole they use.
I’m astounded that Iveco want to charge so much for a CofC, when I got mine, BMW UK couldn’t have been more helpful and supplied it free (in French language) by return of post.

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I got 2 coc from Iveco UK, free of charge, but it was made clear to me that it had to come from Iveco France…
After all, it’s a nice little earner, Rodney.

What happens if the manufacturer don’t have a office in France

Our Coc came from the uk in both English and French versions. It was accepted without problems.

We are just about to finish registring a ‘difficult’ car. Saab built before CoC excisted, car manufacturer not existing anymore. Including confinement its been about 8 months.
It was not expensive to do, but getting everything together for a DREAL inspection (only costs 87 Euros) was the challenge. Who knew that one can go to a farm cooperative to get the vehicle weight - and a piece of paper to prove it. Most important was the paper about the size of a till receipt. Not knowing held up every- thing for about 6 weeks.
Now waiting for the Carte Gris and that’s done. Both cars officially French!

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Interesting regarding the CoC as mine was in english from Volvo UK - accepted with no issue

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And mine was from Mercedes in Germany, in German, and nobody batted an eyelid.

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