What are the benefits of not registering cars

The fact remains that in order to register a car here you need to be on a government database such as INCOME tax, health or social security. These are not available to occasional visitors regardless of whether they own their holiday accomodation or not.
Non doms can access the ANTS system as you have discovered but you did not complete your application, strangely choosing to pay a garage to do so for you. Is this because despite your affirmation that you do not need to be a french resident you have discovered that you in fact do?
Using a garage can avoid that awkward thing about proof of domicile but if you are genuinely making France the location of your principle home then you would be able to offer your proof with a clear conscience.
You can quote all sorts of examples but at the end of the day actions speak louder than words. It seems odd that you would voluntarily complete all the processes to register your car but then choose not to press “send”, opting instead to pay someone else.


Misrepresenting what I have written does not strengthen your case in fact quite the opposite if you are reduced to presenting untruths as facts.

I emailed you (& the other 5 professionals listed on your Facebook group) asking if you could register my car for me on 16th September. The first ‘professional’ I engaged on didn’t acknowledge receipt of my documents or several emails so I engaged another to do the job for me on 22nd September. On 19th September at 14:16 I responded to your email offer of 17th that you would register my car for me at a cost of €40 & listing the documents necessary. Later that afternoon I found I could not access your Facebook group & I sent you an email at 18:33 asking if there was a problem with your group or some Facebook glitch affecting access. I followed this up with a further email the following day that opened
“I still cannot access or even find Registering a Vehicle in France when I search. Surely you haven’t blocked me because I chose someone else to register my Range Rover?:grinning: I sent an email to everyone on the list in Files & unfortunately you weren’t the first to reply.”

I don’t have an Ameli account as while we have applied for our CVs we are still waiting. I also don’t have an account with the Impôts as we haven’t done a tax return yet because we only took up residence in August so haven’t done a tax return. As we just discovered from her son the previous deceased owner has been sent the tax foncieres bill so it looks like our assumption that notaire would inform the tax office that we have owned the house since February was incorrect.

It was only the other day that I noticed that aside from an Ameli.fr or imports.fr account that you could also sign up with an Orange phone. I only signed up for FranceConnect access with “Mobile Connect et moi” on 4th October when my vehicle registration already had been in progress for nearly 2 weeks. It was out of curiosity that I logged in to ANTS & looked at vehicle registration. I went as far along in the process as seemed possible without doing it for real. As far as I can see I have full access. I wish that I had realised about “Mobile Connect et moi” earlier & would have saved the cost of paying someone to register my car for me.

I can provide screenshots etc to demonstrate my access to ANTS. Is there a page that you believe I should not be able to access because my FranceConnect is set up with “Mobile Connect et moi” & not Ameli.fr or impots.fr? I am happy to be proved wrong if you just point me to the page that only a resident of France can access.

I am now resident in France but was not resident when I got the SOSH contract.

This might explain, from https://www.mobileconnectetmoi.fr -

FranceConnect vérifie votre identité numérique MobileConnect Et Moi auprès du Répertoire National d’Identification des Personnes Physiques de l’INSEE. Si votre identité Mobile Connect et moi ne correspond pas exactement à une identité du répertoire de l’INSEE, FranceConnect affiche une erreur 11 ou 12.

Pour figurer dans le répertoire de l’INSEE, il faut :

avoir la nationalité française
ou avoir travaillé en France
ou avoir étudié en France
ou avoir été soigné en France
ou avoir été affilié au régime général (sécurité sociale)

Si vous remplissez une de ces conditions et que vous avez l’erreur 11 ou 12, merci de nous contacter pour que nous vérifions votre identité numérique.

Si vous ne remplissez pas une de ces conditions, vous ne pouvez pas utiliser FranceConnect.

Maybe the can change the rules they whold bring in allot of money from the holiday house owners I now allot of my fellow country men have holiday cars sitting in there garages here in France that are not on French plates most whold probably have them in French plates if the could

In that case I would I qualify as I have worked in France but that was nearly 10 years ago & it doesn’t mean I am a resident.

Like I said, try it.

A little ot what’s up with the different back colors of the plates some are yellow

I think they were the old style registration plates, the 2 numbers at the end being the department number

I have seen them on new cars to

You are allowed to have a yellow back plate, it is a slightly different reg system, FNI rather than SIV.

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Is brexit going to stop uk imports of cars ? I mean can’t be that much to save with tariffs

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