What are the options, please?

My adult son rescued a female kitten last year, found abandoned at the side of the road at about 7/8 weeks old. Despite our best efforts to keep her inside when on heat, she escaped and had the inevitable litter of kittens in June. We are moving back to the UK in 5 weeks. Apart from 'free to good home' notices everywhere, what are our other options?

Many thanks - Hilary

Thanks Lynn :-)

Not at all Hilary, I totally understand, as it can be a very stressful situation, and we hope that your experiences can help others too - it is an especially difficult time of year for cat charities, but you are being responsible by asking the questions and trying to do the right thing!

Best of luck

Hope I didn't appear rude with my reply, it is very useful and I have passed it on to my son. Feeling a little overwhelmed. Sorry x


Thanks for the info - H x

Here is the info that we give out in English Hilary. Hope this explains and helps a little at least.

Identification is now mandatory for all cats.
Section L212-10 of the rural code was amended by Act No. 2011-525 may 11, 2011.
As from 1 January 2012, all cats born after this date must be identified.
Until now, it was obligatory only if the cat was sold or given (gift or sale) with the obligation being on the part of the person giving or selling. The Bill, brought by Nicole Bonnefoy, aims to reduce the number of animals euthanised in refuges, she states that euthanasia is carried out "sometimes in error, without identification of the cat, and therefore the inability to find its owner".
However, this Act enables animal pounds, the municipalities and the animal protection associations, better legal security in the management of the overpopulation of cats and their possible euthanasia in the absence of chip or tattoo. The unidentified adult cat will indeed be legally “without an owner”. Their euthanasia will be less easily challenged by any owner who has failed this requirement.
The lack of identification may even be punished by a fine of 750 euros.
since 3 July 2011, only identification by electronic transponder (microchip) will be recognized for travel outside of France.
There are also moral obligations for the protection of the cat
As a gesture of respect and responsibility you should give your cat an identity.
Normally, a cat lives within its territory, but this could include a wide area that overlaps and mixes with other cat populations. Cats, seen roaming freely can be the object of organised capture programmes (see Article L211-23 below), for neutering and, sometimes, euthanasia. Identification allows for owners of stray cats to be found.
Identification is invaluable for medical purposes.
An identified cat will most likely follow regular health checks.
The Microchip
After placement, the presence of a microchip is not normally felt by the cat and is detected only by the use of a reader. The chip is placed under the skin with special injector. This placement is considered a medical procedure, carried out by a qualified vet.
Once implanted, a provisional certificate is issued bearing the registration number in the form of a bar code. It states the species, the name of the animal, sex, date of birth, race and description, along with the contact information of the owner. The original of this certificate is sent to the central file (SIEV). The SIEV will send by return the original document for the owner to keep or to pass on should the cat change hands. The microchip is invisible to the naked eye.
This act dictates that the owner has ‘duties’ towards the cat. In the event of abuse, or mistreatment, the owner can be brought to justice under article L521-1 of the Penal Code.

Thanks again Lynn - how does micro-chipping protect them?

- H

Hi Hilary,

Have a look here http://refuges.animaux.ws/cher-18-c77-p1.html

and see if it helps. Just check when nad if you get to speak to soemone, what their policy is on euthanasier, and I can't emphasise enough the need for microchipping, it does somuch more than give the cat an identity, it protects them too!

If not, as I say, do give us a call but I fear that we are too far away - you never know though!

Best of luck

" it is a shame that this inevitable litter of kittens wasn't averted before by neutering the cat - but this, I know, is easy for us to say after the event!" thanks for that acknowledgement Lynn - one of the reasons I expressly wrote that this is my adult son's cat! :-)

I have nowhere to live in the UK, nor does my son - neither of us can afford to pay for chips/ passports. Simple as.

I am in Dept 18, just looked for the association, but can't find one - will have another go later.

Thanks for your help - H

Hi Hilary,

Firstly, where are you? You can do an internet search for "association chat" in your department to ask for help nearby.

As with every other refuge, Chats du Quercy is full to bursting with abandonned cats and kittens at this time of year, it is a shame that this inevitable litter of kittens wasn't averted before by neutering the cat - but this, I know, is easy for us to say after the event!

It is french law that cats are identified before finding new homes, once this is done the possibilities for advertising open up a lot more as many websites rightly, do not allow advertising of cats or kittens without ID. Our advice is never to give cats or any other animal away - 'free to a good home ' does not exisit. Get them chipped and ask the new owners to reimburse this amount.

Other options, as Sandy has pointed out, it takes 3/4 weeks to get the pet passport completed, we can supply you with an information sheet if you can supply your email address.

We are always at the end of the phone if you want to talk anything through - 05 63 94 73 97

Best wishes


Thanks Sandy - ads already in the supermarkets. Taking them with us is not an option I'm afraid - cost of chipping and vaccinating five kittens is outside my very limited budget and when we move, we have no house, staying with relatives - don't know what I'm going to do with my cat (not son's cat) never mind 5 kittens. Certain amount of 'I don't need this just before we move', but hey ho!!