What are you all enjoying on mothers day?

Hope that the day is proving to be a special one.

We have rain here in S.W France and my little ones are all in


More family is...Pujols...Grizzle/Poppa - Doodle, Dusty, Ginger and Tito.

And Jonathon, of course who is human.

Yes the cats had a good time...

Prawns for them...peeled by me.

They haven't lost the magic at all, my kids will be making presents and cards for their mum and my OH will be chuffed to bits... on the 3rd of June!!! (we are in France and they are French after all) I'll be doing the same for my mum on the 3rd of June as I simply didn't know the UK date as I have no anglophone input apart from this site.

I bet the cats loved it Barbara!

What date is mother's day in Germany Jane?

Am I lacking sesativity or have children lost the magic of

showing mum and dad how much they care?

Well we decided that we would have a feline family.

And they all gather on sunday sepnding the day with us.

Inside in the warmest area in the house.

I adore cats.

Just picked up this thread.

I cooked lunch, as per usual.

I had a card from my youngest daughter in UK.

I have to wait for German Mother's Day to hear from her sister.

I had a fabulous day with my husband at a 3D archery competition out in a forest in Bordeaux, with hail stones bouncing off my bow at one point but still a great deal of fun was had by all! ![](upload://AoWIPl4wIuEpjFIDTNTGEOxA2rJ.jpg)

I sent my mum some lovely tulips by sendabunch.co.uk and gave her a ring to wish her happy Mother's Day. She was very pleased.

My boys will be wishing me the same in June.

Ha ha! I was being honest Carolyn, I didn't have a clue, the phone call and seeing this thread informed me and how am I expected to, my kids and I will be sorting everything out for OH in June and I'll send my mum a card then as that's when everyone else will be doing it and they're in the shops plus I'll be reminded constantly on the tv and radio plus it's in all the dairies and the school calendar on the wall ;-)

If you are going to get away with that one Andrew you had better put a large ring around the date for 3 June!

I had a lovely lazy day. Didn't get a card but did get long calls on Skype from each of my boys who are at uni in England. Youngest is here next Saturday and says he is bringing card and a present from them both.

I got it in the neck from my mother in the UK because I didn't know it was mother's day and hadn't sent a card - well it isn't mother's day here in France so how was I meant to know, mother's day is the 3 june...!

Having a lovely day here in the Var TU. Breakfast made for me..flowers from the market etc. -F