What are you up to this weekend?

As you are a diverse bunch, I thought it might be fun to see what everyone is up to…

Looking at the local monthly market for some new Light Sussex layers and a Coq to replace our recently departed one.

A new client just ordered gifts (cookies) for every single teacher at her sons school. I will be getting everything ready and organized for Monday morning baking and shipping. The new business is starting off very well and Sundays are becoming routine for prep.http://http://www.gourmetcookies.fr/Cookie_Catalog.html

Big screen rugby in Confolens town square. Maybes have a little drink too.

In the box room with bubblewrap! Well, with four suitcasses, a multitude of lists, and preparing, i.e., wrapping liquid items in freezer bags. Wrapping the Sky boxes and other delicate items in bubblewrap. Got a rugby match to look forward to (with some apprehension) on Saturday. Sunday - catch up with some friends to say goodbye.

As we moved into our new home only three weeks ago, it’s still decorating and unpacking. But Sunday we’re having people to dinner which will be great as the wife hasn’t yet seen the place, :slight_smile:

Moroccan restaurant tonight. Not sure tomorrow, maybe a trip to Brico-Depot, looking like a scruff. Sunday is the first day of Spring and my Birthday. Bet you didn’t know I was a ray of sunshine.

Pouring concrete for the new bathroom tomorrow, just setting up now.

Kids Birthday tomorrow so baking is in the cards, sunday not too sure yet .

Up early tomorrow to see off my son who is participating in a Regatta all weekend at Biscarosse. Then off to the local market for the weeks shopping. Sunday morning, a long run, 18 K with hubby as part of our half marathon training. And in between hope to do some gardening! Lets hope its dry!

Tomorrow - Equitana, Essen, so I’ve taken a day off work today to do the mucking out and other various things that I usually do on Saturday, but I don’t seem to have done anything yet. Maybe I should get a move on!

Hmmmm let me think? Oh yes. Tidying the weeks worth of destruction, moving out more furniture ready for Emmaus and getting things ready for Dad arriving on Thursday morning. Living on the edge here lol

Visiting 2 Lycees this weekend with my son in Angouleme, fingers crossed!

Taking the girls and their ponies show jumping. What else does anyone do on a Sunday?