What are you up to?

I guess we are all getting over what has been a long and very wet winter....

But now that the weather is getting better and the days longer, hopefully we will all be out doing things with our horses, so why don't you pour yourself a glass of something ( it is Friday night!) and let the group know what you're up to? And don't forget to post a photo!

I've just got back from visiting my 'baby' who is in foal and about to be booked into the 'maternity unit' at Du Pouquet Stud. She looks like she is having a lovely time - lots of other mums to chat to and babies to coo over! We're all very excited about our first foal and will keep you posted....

What do you mean "after the long and wet winter" ....... I thought it was spring by now, but it's still wet! I was back in rubber boots and yellow rain coat this morning - ever so stylish!

As you say, fortunately the days are getting longer and the girls took advantage last night to have a ride just after coming back from school (I regretted this idea afterwards, when trying to get my daughter's homework done at 21h00).

Anyway, after having worked our youngster in hand for two months, then got on him myself to walk and do a little trot, I realized that all he wanted was to get to my 11 year old daughter. We had all told her he was not safe for her and she shouldn't ride him for a while ... but he has really calmed down (I still pat my shoulder for this, being sure it was my patience and hard work with the Dually halter) and much better with her than with me. There seems to be a bond between the two red-haired, strong-minded youngsters after all! She now walks and trots him, even over poles. He still tries to get his own way at times, but she shows him the way.

I had my first lesson after 2 months two days ago - and I can still feel it in my legs! Back on a school-master, fortunately. Was proud to canter without holding him back and really enjoyed it. I wish I was that secure with my own mare. She is very kind and as a former club horse very patient, but difficult to hold in canter (even with my daughter, may I say), so not the easiest for me. Fortunately my daughter's friend can give her a good work-out.

Part of the field is nicely greening up now (unfortunately masses of buttercups this year), still thinking of what to do with the other part which was badly flooded in winter (and may be again this weekend?), if we should get a proper drainage in, or just get it leveled in put gravel at the gate and the area where their water buckets are.

The two certainly keep us busy and I wish I could ride them more often. But when it's sunny, it's just wonderful to walk to the field and being with them!