What are your resolutions for the New Year?

What are your big plans for 2013, list them here so we can keep track of your progress!

I'd like 2013 to see the end of all major renovations chez nous. Don't mind the odd interesting little brico jobs and some guitar repairs but I think it would be good to spend more time playing one.

And everyone and his dog has been to Belize to check out my roots; my eldest son is there at the moment (Watch out for them thar dodgy Mayans, Steve!) - but it would be nice to get there myself.

That is if the world don't end on Friday.

hasn't that estate agent got there yet? ;-)

To catch-up with myself! And to sell/move.

Give up traveling backwards and forwards to France... and stay for longer - like forever!


To have a better year than this year, which shouldn't be too difficult. And like Damaris, who couldn't like Damaris, I jest. lol Be happy.

To follow my new health regime to its conclusion in February and thus continue it by healthier living. Stealing Alexander's winning lotto ticket and getting away with it. To join Angela's revolution on the education front(s), so here's a taker. To remain true to my own principles in life which are to work for the good of others, children in particular. Finally, to be able to afford a collector's bottle of Laphroaig and enjoy it.

As Damaris - Namaste & Ayuddha

....move to Provence and loose weight, or loose weight and move to Provence, not sure which order it'll happen.... :)

Try to quit smoking

Cut down on wine consumption

Get fitter

Work harder

My 2013 resolution? Be directly instrumental in helping 100 women to find their strengths, feel more positive, happier and confident in their capacities so we can start 'positivising' France from the inside out.

While I'm on a roll - my other resolution is starting a gentle revolution in the French education system - but I'll be looking for help with that one ;-) Any takers??

That should keep me busy for the next year!
Merry Christmas to you all and may 2013 be full of surprises.


I have one resolution that is in place all year - be happy and stay that way :) Namaste