What can one say...?

Don’t you just love it? now Boris is trying again.

Massive infections, with reduced but still serious hospitalisations, in UK from mid-August through to late September.

Probable reduction of hospitalisations from early October, provided so much infection spreading has not brought about a new variant that can break through vaccinations people have had, or spread even more easily, or have worse effects… After all, any old person that’s not been able to hide and is not fully vaccinated, or in the small percentage vaccination didn’t protect, will already be dead.

Boris has taken a gamble that will probably lead to unnecessary deaths in the short term. But other than that (which is very important to those families and people who will suffer) he might just about get away with it.

In answer to the question I’d pose two others - was he paid for the interview and if yes why the hell is the BBC spending licence fee payers money on this weasel?

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The current vaccination rate looks to be 1/8th that of France. Perhaps there is a lack of vaccines leading again to this herd immunity experiment ?

Because it is very definitely in the public interest.

Where is the proof to back up these allegations though? Cummings isn’t accountable to anyone so is free to say whatever he likes knowing full well there will be no comeback on him.

I think that there has been an acknowledgement that some of these messages were real.

It’s due to a lack of take up by younger people. It’s one of the reasons that vaccines will be required for entry to nightclubs etc from September. BJ has denied he’s trying to bribe young people into getting the vaccine!!
More than a third of adults are fully vaccinated now though which is why the massive rise in cases is not leading to a massive rise in deaths - for now!
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I thought it was more than that as haven’t we got 44% here??? Or has the UK been overtaken by France on the double doses now? Oh how I miss our friend and their stats!


Typical ! Every other day I read Sud Ouest and find the percentages for France clearly given.
Today… not on your life… but we do have figures to work on…

These are the numbers of those vaccinated as given in Sud Ouest …

17th July 2021:
Côté vaccination, depuis le début de la campagne de vaccination
, 37 414 557 personnes ont reçu au moins une injection (soit 55,5 % de la population totale)
et 30 191 338 personnes sont désormais complètement vaccinées, soit 44,8 % de la population totale.

19th July:
À la date de lundi
37 809 568 personnes avaient reçu au moins une dose
et 30 788 868 étaient considérées comme complètement vaccinées, selon la Direction générale de la Santé.

So… yes… as of Monday night… definitely more than 55.5 % have been partially vaccinated… and definitely more than 44.8% have been fully vaccinated.

I’m sure someone will work on the figures above and give us the final count…

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Here we are @Stella -

it’s the complementary site to the excellent covidtracker.fr


That’s an interesting site… but we must note that it was “mis à jour” 18th July… so hoping vaccination figures are even better now…

(I tend to look in Sud Ouest for the official government report, which comes out late-evening on a daily basis. )

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I look at official figures too but that site does give some rather nice breakdowns…

Doh!! You’re right of course!! Meant to say two thirds. I think it’s running at about 68%.
Izzy x

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Indeed it does… absolutely fascinating.

It normally (but not always gets updated at approx 21h00.

Hi @Mat_Davies
are you talking about the government minister’s daily report or the App ???

This tends to get updated at 21h00 (ish)


The Covid site is amazing, but I’ll stick with the evening govt report as I find it tells me what I want to know clearly and succinctly.

A bit like the weather forecast… I look at Meteo France daily… but enjoy checking the “live-lightening strike” site (wow)… as well as the live rainmap from time to time.

Created by Guillaume Rozier. He received the Ordre national du Mérite last week.

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