What can one say?

Old Bugattis are still amazing, but not so sure about the hype around their latest creation…

If you care about architecture, it may be reassuring to read the comments below the article.

I read that article and assumed it had been posted on the 1st of April.
The project seems ideally suited to those that think the Austin Powers films are documentaries…


I think Bugatti is only a VW brand these days, like Skoda or Seat. IMO there hasn’t been a noteworthy Bugatti since Ettore died. Apart maybe from these…


Not sure a company trying to exhibit style or good taste should have anything to do with Dubai or the Maktoums. It’s only a few of generations since the Maktoums, who’s family business was piracy, came to dominate Dubai by inviting the joint ruling family over from the other side of the creek for a feast, and slaughtered them. I was told this by an elderly Indian man who had lived there for many years and who’s father had told him. I did a bit of research and it seems to be true. :face_with_hand_over_mouth:


Think it was actually one of the late Zaha Hadid’s previously overlooked ‘acid projects’…

Well that explains a lot…

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“What can one say?”


Old Ducatis are more my thing but I can see the appeal.

It’s Dubai. Think Las Vegas without all the tasteful styling.


Now that IS funny.

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I was more thinking Blackpool :wink::yum:

A luxury multistorey car park with car lifts, apartments and pools – the client obviously wanted the building to be car-inclined, a part of the brief that has been fulfilled.

The apartments, with their built-in-car-bedrooms, will no doubt sell like hotcakes – to Bugatti owners?

Kind of like it.
Critics didn’t like the Centre Pompidou either.

The Pompidou was a highly innovative building that ushered in a new style of architecture and a new form of art gallery with much larger galleries that weren’t interrupted by services. By contrast this is a poor pastiche of more recent equally highly innovative architects like the late Zaha Hadid. See examples at