What changes today - 1st May 2019

Thanks for that Stella! A couple of things to note:

Good news on the significant reduction in price of EU international mobile calls (not already included in your package - down to max 19 cents / min and 6 cents / text) - although still much more expensive than Skype, Duos, Facetime, FB Video etc!

Paper tax return deadline is 16 May 2019 - just a couple of weeks away…first-timers may struggle (if they know about the deadlines at all!!).

Cheers Simon…

Re Tax… I know it’s mentioned elsewhere… but…

Revenue Declaration (worldwide income, leave nothing out)…

… anyone with any difficulty… get down to your local Tax Office armed with all your figures… don’t leave things to the last minute.

This applies to on-line and paper… the Tax Folk are there to help…

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We arrived in January so don’t make a return yet. We’ve been told to get our double tax forms stamped but thought better to wait until the deadline for registered taxpayers had passed as impots so busy.

A wise move… if nothing else, it will save you waiting in a queue, when you don’t really need to be…

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I’m going to have to go to the Tax Office, Stella, my laptop isn’t working, and I’m having to use my mobile for all internet connections, but the screen is too small to load the tax returns and type in the figures, and my eyes aren’t what they were …I just hope they won’t give me a hard time!

The fluctuating exchange rates don’t make for easy calculations over 12 months or 13 X 28 days for the OAP, but at least my French is a lot better than it was in 2016 and I don’t feel such an idiot saying “Comment?” at the end of every sentence…:thinking::roll_eyes:

Peter… They won’t give you a hard time… they are there to help !!

I took my last Avis des Impots, which gave the Clerk my “identity number” , but she needed my password to open my “private space”… and I could not remember my password… oops.

so, take your bits of paper/figures… plus your password… and all should be well…

Good luck.

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Very useful tip re the password, Stella. I’ll be sure to take it with me.

The tax office suggests using an exchange rate as teh average as the start of year and end of year. total the GBP income and divide it. In actual fact, unless it’s an enormous amount, there’s so little difference they don’t care. I visited my tax office and the lady there actually fedin all the mumbers. Our affairs are a bit complicated with seven different sources of income and three different countries (none of them France) involved. I use an exchange of 1015 and she was very happy with it.

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Our Tax Office had notices on the walls “£1 = €1,119” today and I that’s what I had used after reading Graham’s tip yesterday, and as Stella said they were cheerful and helpful as usual. There was a queue of about ten people on the steps when we arrived at 0810, and another ten joined before the doors opened at 0830. I asked a couple if they had tried to declare on line and they smiled and said “No”.

I’m glad it’s over (at least I hope it is) as it’s the only thing about life in France that stresses me.

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@rogted “I use an exchange rate of 1015”

1015? :astonished:

If you mean £1 = €1,015 aren’t you selling yourself a bit short? :thinking::frowning: