What compliment would please you the most?

Just a light-hearted question… in response to the link below.

Personally, I would prefer to hear a simple…“you look lovely”…:heart_eyes: rather than “in such good shape” :wink:

Probably the most flattering compliment I ever had (recently at least) was from CIPAV! not a very likely source of compliments! I went to a roadshow they were holding and had a private advice session with a consultant, and when I sat down the consultant looked at my dossier and looked at me and said “I think there’s a mistake here, could you confirm your name and date of birth?” So I did and she said, Oh that’s correct then, only I thought I had the wrong dossier because you look so much younger than that." But I suppose really it was just a PR exercise and the consultants were told to say that to all the old bats, to help repair CIPAV’s damaged public image…


I’m always very pleased when French people who speak English well and, knowing I’m British, nonetheless speak to me in French. It’s a great encouragement, and very inclusive. There could be no more genuine compliment to an immigrant.

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Yes, it’s lovely when they do that… and one friend will often scold her husband for speaking French too fast, if our eyes start to glaze-over…:wink:

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LOL the French must be very used to the “eyes-glazed-over” look, and I commend them very highly for not being too obvious about how it makes them feel!

I’ve long since run out of ideas on how to try disguise the fact that I’ve lost the gist of what’s being said, but I take some comfort from the fact that some people just like to talk, especially those who live alone, and just like a bit of company over coffee, :relieved:

I’d be grateful for any suggestions on this matter. I have a range of amiable grunts at my disposal, but a few more would be nice!


Nowadays, I can cope with most things… except when they go into patois… then I have to respond to the tone of their voice and facial expressions… mmm…(said in a upward tone with a smile ) and mmm (said in a downward tone, with a sad face)…

and for those folk I know really well…who delight in confusing me… I gently smack their cheek and ask them to talk properly… said with my beaming smile… I get away with it every time…:grin:

At a joint 70th birthday party with a French friend the other day our Mayor said that I spoke French well and aldo that I had a good accent and that really pleased me.

When I get complimented on how good my English is :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

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