What do you all do? Post your links here!

What do you all do?

Please post links to your websites, personal projects, Facebook pages, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, Tumblr, Wordpress sites, Squarespace pages, in fact, anything you like (within the realms of decency of course!) that you want to get some exposure for or just for the fun of it. Let us know if you want feedback too, or if there is anything special you want us to look at.

Has to be your own site! Business pages welcome, no repeats please.

Links to your sites from SFN will help a little with your search engine juice too so help yourself.

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Have fun!

So good to hear Julie…I am in le brenne parc regional doing something similar but not yet as advanced as you sound.

We have an organic self-sufficient small-holding that provides us and our volunteers who come from all over the world with all our own meat, milk, eggs and vegetables, as well as our own woodland for firewood etc. We also have a Gîte Paysan and Table d'hotes/table Lausanne and also offer visites de ferme and introduction to self-sufficiency workshops. I work at the local Auberge from time to time and work some hours as a carer for a disabled French neighbour, as does my husband. All a far cry from my former profession of psychiatric social worker!!Hubby was a professional fireman then social worker also, soooo glad I'm not doing that any more! www.fermettelaforge.com and we have our own page on HomeAway and Acceuil Paysan, and we have a Facebook page where we share what we get up to as "Life at La Forge".

I have my owm website since ages and it has never been updated since the nineties but i still love it and it talks about toytheatre.
They have a yahoo group these marvelous enthusiasts about the subject and i am having an exhibition this spring in Confolens.Charente.
I learnt with the Guild of puppeters and toytheatre amateurs. Peter Baldwin of Coronation Street was the source of inspiration and we participated in many festivals in UK and France.

Last but not least i am an intern with a real estate company in Limoges who fixes brits with their dream house while they still wish to buy in France. It may not last with Brexit but still some are interested and here it is
A genuine french company fully registered and going international as the french clients are not enough to keep the firm going.

Hi Lorraine,

I would be delighted to meet you some day and learn more about horse coaching (and not vice versa). I'll have a look at this selling ad but I must say I am definitely a buyer's agent and not a seller's.

Anyway, it's good to know about nice properties for sale, as they (sometimes but rarely) match my customers'expectations.

I sent an invitation to friendship in order to deal eventually on this matter through private emails.

A bientĂ´t.


Oooh! What a wonderful invitation! Thank you. Survive France sums it up. Genius name (we have a genius name for our Blog too. Roytrs. Naughty but neat). I too was a teacher looking for out so became a journalist until that went on line. Then an author till Kindle took over publishing although I still write. Anything to earn a crust. Am working on a booklet for English speaking tourists Leonardo’s Last Years in Amboise (nothing in English in my neck of the woods). However tis lonely here on my tod so we are trying to get my other half over. He is still shackled to the nine to five daily grind in the UK but we are going to try and run photography holidays in château land.





Hello everyone, I haven't been on this forum for AGES - it's really nice to discover all the wonderful things that you are all proposing. :)

I run coaching workshops where my horses are the coaches - they provide invaluable feedback on emotinal intelligence and non-verbal communication styles in many settings, professional or personal...you can learn a lot about yourself and how you interact with others, teambuilding etc. by interacting with my horse-coaches. Check out my website www.lorrainetilbury.com where I'll be posting my spring/summer programme soon. Sessions can be in French or English or both...

Love this idea, Bawden! but our place isn't fenced and is teeming with foxes, weasels and "martres/fouines" ( I've forgotten what they're called in English, they're cousins fo the weasels more or less) and they're eating our chickens one by one...

Lovely to meet you Christian and to hear of your very interesting and global life! I'm the daughter of an American military officer (and a French mother) so i moved a lot also as a child, but in Europe, followed by a bit of Asian and south-american travel during my career in the chemical industry. I am in Touraine so not too far from you, and I also love les vieilles pierres...and we have horses too and ride; et nous sommes de grands amateurs de la vènerie française...would love to meet you if you come up to this area!

I also know of a neighbor who is British and has been trying to sell a beautiful chateau that she owns in the Maine et Loire...perhaps you could give her a hand? the address & photos are below - I'm not in touch with the owner anymore (long story!) but I do know that she's been trying to sell it for ages so perhaps you could provide some support...



au plaisir de vous rencontrer un jour pour discuter de vive voix...

Hi James

Thanks for the invitation to post links to our websites. If you like a very British thriller, have a look at my new website at www.simonmichael.uk. As the purpose of retiring early in France was to resume my former career as a writer, it seems particularly appropriate to offer fellow SFN members a chance to see the results! The Brief - set on the gangland streets on Soho and the East End in the 1960s - has reached the top 50 legal crime thrillers on Amazon this week (without a penny spent on marketing), and is now only ÂŁ1.99 to download: Amazon.co.uk.


We have a luxury gite with a heated swimming pool in the beautiful Clunysois of Southern Burgundy.
It has two double bedrooms each en suite, a beautiful kitchen which is e tremely well equipped and a large living dining room.
There are wonderful views and use of a private garden, poolside tables and chairs and a gaz barbecue.
We have good bookings already, so if anyone wants an early Summer break have a look at our website, www.relax-in-rural-burgundy.co.uk

Hi, I teach English on Skype:



At present being the proud owner of a string of rabbits in the barn.
They are also runnning in parks.

Anybody wishing for company in their gardens? Should be fenced obviously.

After many years i cant do without but this time they are too many.

All colours bunnies. If you start afresh i will provide advice. Very frugal and able to mow your lawn very efficiently.

Charente region but can deliver in Haute Vienne.Affordable. Under a tenner

I run a B&B near to Stansted Airport in the UK, when not living in France. You can see my website, http://www.bucks-house.co.uk. When I am in the UK, I let my French house in Montaigu de Quercy. https://www.ownersdirect.co.uk/accommodation/p8050645

After many years in IT - I started out as an IBM 360 assembler programer and ended up as a freelance consultant doing support /troubleshooting I had a period where everything went wrong. Got age onset diabetes and told my highly stressed job would kill me and had to nurse my mother through terminal cancer. Decided to sell up and move to France but my relationship did not survive the move and she ran off with all the money from the UK house.

My first two business ventures here failed through circumstances outside my control, but then I met another woman mad enough to put up with me and something I started as an extension to my hobby took of and now almost makes me enough to live on!

I make and design model trains - do the designing on computer in 3d cad and make them by 3-d printing. I have my own website but I upgraded the software and broke it, so here is the other place I sell them through https://www.shapeways.com/shops/tebee

Am also renovating three houses for long term lets.

We have two seasonal occupations www.french-stoves.com during winter ANTIQUE FRENCH STOVE RESTORATION AND DELIVERY

and a new addition launching next spring (2017)

Working with our two chef sons to do a STREET FOOD KITCHEN selling hand made fresh pasta (the pasta is hand made on the day) plus breakfasts and cream teas at large public events.

They also do very special individual menus for private weddings & occasions


Sounds great Jackie is there an address or website or phone number please? I would like to visit en -route to/from Dieppe from Poitiers 86

Hi! I work for a company called Renestance - www.renestance.com. We help to 're-nest' people wanting to move to France, as well as helping those already here. Our realm of expertise covers everything from sourcing accommodation (rental or purchase),to helping secure the elusive Carte Vitale, with everything in between, such as driving licence exchanges, importing and/or registering your car, finding insurance quotes, medical advocacy, translation services. We offer a discreet, expeditious, organised and successful service. Feel free to email me for more information at nicole@renestance.com or call me on 04 11 93 25 86. We look forward to hearing from you! :)

Hi all, I did post my jobs on this thread some while back, but I'm not sure if I put any links – don't think I did so here they are:

As a Wedding Celebrant : www.theEnglishCelebrant.com, https://www.facebook.com/theEnglishCelebrantinFrance/

As a voice artist : http://celiadrummond.wix.com/cfd

I haven't got my head around Twitter, although I have a moniker : @celiatree and the rest are still a project, understanding how they work, and how I can find enough time to work if I spend time messing with them!

If it counts as a repeat James, please delete.