What do you buy online?


We would like to know what items or services you buy online, we may setup an online shop where all your regular suppliers will be listed. We would get a small percentage of sales on these items and it wouldn't cost you any more. Hopefully we could do it in such a way that it would be more convenient for you. So, the question is, what items or services do you regularly buy online?



So I did all of Christmas online as long as you order early enough then all is fine (last year left till the last minute so we were on 1st name terms with dhl lady!!! ) . I use cdiscount, very good and sometimes cheaper than the uk. Amazon (french and uk compare prices) play.com, also ebay. Plus we do the usual flights, train tickets as my hubby tends to travel alot . I thin he uses travelocity. Out of all of them use cdiscount the most as it is very competitive.

Plane tickets, books, presents (just bought the faboulous i-plunger on Amazon), printer ink, movies, TV-series, music and Apps (iTunes). My son likes to buy shoes and jeans, just to get stuff his mates don't get. There are several dutch 'homesick-shops' online, but I've never got anything there. Family brings stuff over though, and some friends bring a big pile of political mags every now and then. That is actually what I miss most. Intelligent news and backgrounds.

Hi, just looking around SFN and found this ... lol

My wife has brought most of our Christmas presents, online, from UK based companies, e.g SportsDirect (2 bikes), HMV (various CD's and DVD's) and Amazon (books). Even with international postage it was/is cheaper, than to buy here :D

The best deal, was the 2 bikes from SportsDirect, £7.95 DHL tracking delivery for the pair..

The website stated 30 days, they were here in 6! Can't be bad :D

We book flights to Mauritius every year (after comparing prices of all the airlines),and always reserve our meals onboard( a good tip is to order a Hindu,vegetarian,Kosher etc. mesl and you always get served first and can be asleep before everyone else!) We book flights and hotels for anywhere else too. Trains, airport csr parking.
Just paid half what we’d pay in France for a caravan winter cover and a halogen cooker, including postage. Fishing tackle from China. Health insurance.
Ferries. Caravan sites. Taxis. Car rental. Jazz concerts. Fly screens. Glucosamine tablets. The list goes on. It’s a way of life now. I think that in years to come, supermarket shopping could be nearly as obsolete as the corner shop!

Thanks for your input everyone, we'll be building a shopping page around this info and the replies on Facebook.


I use Amazon - and have even bought a Magimix, over €50 cheaper to buy on Amazon and get it shipped than to buy anywhere in France. Most books, DVD's etc I check Amazon France and UK.

I use Kings Seeds for the veggie and flower seeds, although I do need to phone the order through for postage.

I have also used Chemist Direct for Chicken worming chemicals ( Flubenvet) as well as competitively priced Paracetamol & codeine, Malt Extract ( for Malt loaf ) and my son's T-Gel shampoo which I cannot seem to find in France.

Tracy - Have you seen the major supermarkets' " Drive" Shop by internet, then you go to pick up your groceries rather than traipsing round the shop. I have not tried it though as I am more of a Lidl & Leaderprice girl at the moment!!

I use Littlewoods, Amazon (France and UK), the Book Depository, Next and M & S. Eurostar to bring my parents out here, take the kids over for the vacances and book our summer hols online at Siblu (the Irish site is the cheapest in euros).

It's not that I prefer British stuff it's just that often it is the best value. I am that rare breed of woman - I loathe and despise shopping, buying online, comparing the prices without having all the stress is the perfect way to shop. Roll on home delivery groceries, that's what I say, if I lived in the UK I wouldn't dream of traipsing round the supermarket for the sake of £3.50.

An on line shop would be a great idea. I do like 'doing' lunch though, that's the only downside to internet shopping, still, you can always do lunch without shopping.

Thanks Ruth Deborah. For the compliment and the info!

Ooooooooooooh, I like that new photo of you, James!

I buy: books, DVDs, CDs, clothes, bedding, towels, lots of bio products, used to book concerts and hope to be able to do so again, Batteries, anti-parasite stuff for cats and dog, printer ink, 'emballage' stuff for my books, cameras, speciall goodies for handicapped people (some fab sites). In all, I always check on the Web, before buying something in a big shop.

books, CD's, DVD's, kitchen bits & bobs & baby equipment which are all so much cheaper in the UK than France. My hubby buys IT equipment & printer cartridges.

Books, books and more books...also flights, ferries, hotel bookings. My kids aged 22, 21 and 18 would buy much more online especially discount vouchers, concert and festival bookings.

Thanks Bruce, that's a good one

Thanks Andrew, glad you like my photo! Thought it was about time for an update.

I buy printer ink which, when generic, is much cheaper.

Nice photo btw! flights/ferries - yes; four years ago with Ryan air, 18 months ago with LD lines but as you can see it's not that often but good idea for those who travel a lot to the UK. I'm probably not going to be the best customer here - I'd open a forum thread on this to get more "exposure" - I often only checked the forum discussions before realising people were posting blogs too ;-)

Thanks Andrew,

What about flights, ferry crossings etc anything travel related?


Sorry James - only one off purchases via cdiscount, grosbill or others. Only once bought something from the UK in teh years I've been out here and that was from Amazon as I wanted the book to be in English and sent straight to my sister in the UK.